Get the most from your remarketing ads

Picture the've decided you're going to treat yourself to a new bike.

You've been searching the websites of your favourite bike stores, deciding whether to treat yourself to a new set of wheels. Now, you've looked at a few and you're tempted to buy but you haven't made that decision yet. All of a sudden you notice that one bike is following you around. It's there on other sites your visiting while you're online, displayed in all its glory, teasing you back.

Welcome to the power of remarketing.

What is remarketing?

Remarketing is used to target people who have previously visited your site, but have left without converting - be that purchasing a product, booking a room or contacting you. As they browse the web, they spot your ads that are targeted and relevant to them, helping them to pick up where they left off. So how could your business benefit from using remarketing?

When people are looking at your website, life often gets in the way. Whether it’s responsibilities at home, work or a low smartphone battery, browsing can be interrupted at any moment. Remarketing ads keep your business - and with dynamic remarketing ads, even specific products they've viewed - in your prospective customers’ minds. They’re a powerful way to remind your customers that they want your product or service, wherever they are on the web.

How do I get started?

Firstly, you’ll need to open an account with a PPC (pay per click) platform that offers remarketing services. The most popular are Google AdWords and AdRoll. The Jarrang team work with AdWords when creating remarketing campaigns for clients, using bespoke Jarrang designs.

A small piece of code put in place by a web developer creates a cookie when the visitor views the pages you have set up as a goal. When this potential customer or client views these pages and leaves without converting, their browser generates a cookie using that piece of code.

Now that their visit has been noted, the remarketing platform helps to keep your business in the mind of the customer, showing your ads across the web as they browse other sites. They then click through, returning to your site, giving you a second chance to make sure they convert.

So, what does effective remarketing look like?

When creating campaigns, always keep a clear strategy in mind.Key elements to consider including when creating your ad:

Amazon Music remarketing
Anthropologie Remarketing ad

This Amazon Music campaign focuses on one product, drawing in customers interested in the new release. Anthropologie, known for consistently impressive and immersive photography, have transferred their brand into a simple but effective advert.

Reed recruitment remarketing ad
Insightly remarketing ad have remained consistent across different channels, using an image from a current TV advert in their remarketing campaign, whilst Insightly skillfully sell the benefits of their services.


The team at Quinyx, a multinational workforce management company based in Stockholm, Sweden, asked us to design this banner for them as part of a lead generation project. We used an animated GIF for even greater impact.

As you can see, remarketing can be very flexible. Tailor your ads to your business needs, keep in mind the focus of the ad and use your CTA (call to action) to compell the customer to do what you want them to – be it return to an abandoned shopping basket or get in touch with your business.

Measurable, targeted and cost-effective, remarketing allows you to be at the forefront of your potential customers’ minds when they are ready to convert.

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September 17, 2014
June 29, 2020
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