Going mobile with your travel marketing

So, the world is changing and going mobile is one of those major changes that is affecting the travel sector.

People use their mobiles for almost everything; browsing the web, interacting online and making purchases. You need to make sure that you're meeting the needs of those travellers on the go to maximise results.

As your customers become more and more savvy with using their mobiles for an increased level of services, is your email marketing working as well as it could be? It is predicted that by 2014 mobile internet (using the web on your phone or tablet) will take over desktop usage for shopping. And, most importantly for hotels and destination businesses - currently 50% of all local searches are carried out on mobile devices.

Before deciding whether to focus on mobile you first need to look at your client base. Depending on the age of your target market, they may use mobile internet more or less, and you need to keep this in mind (don't just go mobile because everyone else is). Being aware of how customers might interact with your email on a mobile is more important because you have a location-based business - so if someone's out and about they may very well get your email on the move and be in the market for a room; make it is easier for them to call you direct from the email.

And with statistics showing that 55% of people with an internet enabled phone check their personal emails on their phone, and 43% of these more than 4 times day (Merkel), you could be missing a trick if you don't make your emails easy to view on a smaller screen.

Simple things to bear in mind if you want your emails to be easy to read on a mobile are:


If they're too big or there are too many it could take a long time to download (consider stripping them out of the mobile version).

Easy to use buttons

Think about how easy the call to action buttons are to click on a small screen.

Phone numbers

If you want people to call to book, make the phone number large, so you can call to click.The reason for being mobile is to make sure you're where you customers are - so think about your target market, how they like to book and what devices they use to view your emails. As consumer behaviour changes we need to make sure we're maximising our contact with them, enticing them to upgrade their flights, book a room at your hotel, a table in the restaurant or an extra spa treatment. As with your travel breaks - make the customer experience as enjoyable as possible and you'll reap the rewards.

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March 12, 2013
June 29, 2020
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