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User-generated content and Email Marketing- A partnership made in heaven

Join Ben and Ed as they share their tips on how UGC and Email Marketing can compliment each other to boost results!

90% of shoppers purchasing decisions are influenced by UGC (Reviews, Ratings and other Customer Created Content) But it doesn’t just belong on socials.

We’ve teamed up with the experts at Trustpilot to show you how not only can you boost email marketing results using UGC, but also how email can help drive UGC.

Email and UGC – they are really a partnership made in heaven!

Tune in to hear the latest tips from the experts at Jarrang & Trustpilot – it’s not to be missed!

Ben Hocking – Client Success Manager – Jarrang

Ben Hocking is a key member of our Client Success team and, with a background in business management, brings both diligence and expertise to our clients.

Ed Bolton – Partner Manager –

Ed is a Partner Manager at Trustpilot, helping Partners leverage Trustpilot & the power of reviews within their client’s strategy.

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