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Deliver to the inbox: top tips for optimal email deliverability

Join Priyanka, Guy and Ben as they share their top tips on how to improve email deliverability and avoid that dreaded spam folder.

Email deliverability is one of the most crucial elements of email marketing.

If your emails aren’t landing in the inbox, all of the hard work that has gone into list building, copy creation, template design, and strategy will go to waste.

By boasting a high deliverability rate, businesses can ensure that their email communications aren’t lost in spam folders; boosting their engagement, brand awareness, and response rates. 

But ensuring healthy email deliverability can be a complex process. Involving managing sender reputation, adhering to best practices, and minimising bounce rates.

In this webinar, we’ve joined forces with Validity, Inc. to share top tips on how you can improve your email deliverability!


Ben Hocking – Client Success Manager – Jarrang

Ben Hocking is a key member of our Client Success team and, with a background in business management, brings both diligence and expertise to our clients.

Priyanka Roy – Head of Service Delivery – Jarrang

With over 12 years of experience in the email industry, Priyanka brings a deep understanding of email deliverability, strategy and best practices. She leads a team of email experts who deliver top class end to end email marketing services for Jarrang clients.

Guy Hanson – Vice President, Customer Engagement (International) – Validity Inc.

Guy is a passionate advocate for intelligent use of customer data to drive responsive sales and marketing programs. With a knowledge base spanning twenty years, he is globally recognised as an email & data expert and thought leader.

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