Pinterest for Business: Getting Started

A space to plan events, gather design ideas and share lifestyle-based content, Pinterest gives the user an area to collate images from across the web into ‘boards’ relating to their interests.

These can be categorised or themed, and give ‘pinners’ the opportunity to get creative­.

One of the fastest growing channels, Pinterest has gained over 70 million users since its launch just four years ago (Semiocast), 9 out of 10 of which are women (CoSchedule). What’s more, Pinterest buyers spend more money, more often and on more items than any other of the top five social media sites (Comscore).

How then, do you make the most of this network as a business?

Once you’ve established that the network is right for you, get researching. See how brands with similar target markets are using Pinterest and plan your approach.

Great for referral traffic: 50 million articles are shared on Pinterest every day.  Those articles are driving more traffic to publishers’ pages than Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit and Google+ combined (

When building your business profile, be sure to stay on brand. Consider your tone of voice and how best to translate it into a new profile. Remember that each social network has a different tone, which should influence the way you use it, but keep your brand values clear and consistent. Be sure to edit the descriptions of each pin, tailoring them to your brand. Read more on brand consistency in this article by Tommy Tonkins

Include a link to your website in your ‘About’ section, and set your company logo as your profile image for easy recognition. By nature, Pinterest is a very visual network, and as such your images will need to be of a high standard.

As you start creating boards, remember put your brand values at the heart of your profile. This isn’t as simple as adding an image of each product on your ecommerce site, it’s an opportunity to collate content from other sources within Pinterest and from across the web. Use your boards to build a bigger picture of what you do, whilst building relationships with other users.

White Company Love of White on Pinterest
The White Company on Pinterest

Be imaginative when creating boards and use them to tell stories. If  you’re creating a narrative, be aware that the order in which you pin will remain the same – you won’t be able to reorder pins unless you delete the board and start over again. You can also create ‘secret’ boards, building up a number of pins whilst keeping the content hidden from followers until you are ready to share publicly.

More than just an image gallery, Pinterest users are looking for inspiration. Work seasonally, around events and look to inspire fellow pinners with your targeted content.  As you’d expect, Christmas is particularly big on Pinterest, with so many of its users searching for the perfect gift. Aim to get your products and services on their wish lists by depicting the experience, as well as the product itself.

Watergate Bay Autumn Awe Pinterest board
Watergate Bay Hotel on Pinterest
More purchase power: Pinterest users have 9% higher income than nonusers. (Ahalogy)

For marketers, Pinterest can be seen as a database of people’s interests. When building your number of followers, take a look at who is pinning your content. Find out what they’re interested in and take inspiration from that. These people are your potential customers, so find out where you can take them next. Keep boards refreshed to give users a reason to come back to your pins again and again by becoming their go-to account for great images and useful tips.

As with all social media marketing, keep track of engagement levels, build a community of brand advocates and keep evolving your approach as you learn what works best for you and your customers. It’s also worth noting that Pinterest is a lot of fun, even for businesses. It’s a chance to get creative and explore new territory, sharing your brand with likeminded people.

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