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Working with Jarrang has helped us elevate our email marketing to the next level. We simply didn’t have the capacity to do our email marketing justice which is why we turned to them. They completely redesigned our emails, gave us a new suite of layouts to use, helped us develop our strategy, and make sure we’re continuing to be compliant with GDPR. They are a joy to work with and the result has been an increase in both engagement and revenue from our email marketing programme.” 

- Jenny Caldecourt, Group Digital Creative Manager. Exclusive Collection

Life is never dull for the Exclusive Collection team. With luxury hotels and spas, a golf club, cookery school and a pub under their umbrella, the marketing team are constantly spinning plates and consistently have the pressure of needing to deliver market-leading excellence to their customers.

It’s a hard job to get right and - once they reached a point where they didn’t have either the capacity or the in-house expertise to do their email marketing justice alongside all their other channels - they turned to us for help. From ensuring they remain GDPR compliant through to redesigning their whole suite of emails across the collection and delivering monthly performance reports, we’ve been able to revolutionise their email marketing.


  • Lack of time and resource to look after the email marketing in-house and deliver it to the standard and frequency expected.
  • Old templates and an out-dated design.
  • Email campaigns that didn’t display correctly on mobile devices.
  • The need for a stronger email marketing strategy - especially regarding weddings and membership.
  • GDPR queries including the difference between consent and legitimate interest.


  • Completely redesigned emails, providing a suite of new layouts that align with the overall brand and created a cohesive message. Each design sits nicely within the Collection’s branding while having subtle colour and logo variants to highlight each hotel’s individual character.
  • Collaborated with the Exclusive Collection team to lay out a revised strategy and content plan for the email marketing. 
  • Provided consultation about GDPR protocol, looking at the differences between consent and legitimate interest and creating a way to map out the process moving forward.
  • Took on the majority of operational tasks for the email marketing campaigns allowing the team to focus on other marketing activities. From building the campaigns, to running it through a rigorous 46 point sign off process, the campaign journey is handled right through to deployment and analysing the results.
  • Dedicated time to analyse monthly performance gives the opportunity to provide an objective perspective and trial new ideas in order to gain optimum results.
  • Creation of a sending schedule to support capacity planning for upcoming campaigns and ensuring timely delivery.


  • An increase in sessions to the Exclusive Collection website from email by +174%
  • Average open rate is nearly double the industry average.
  • Implementation of animated images in the emails to improve engagement. You can see an example here.
  • Continual supply of new creative boosts engagement with seasonal promotions.

The willingness of the Exclusive Collection team to embrace new ideas and their desire to keep raising the bar have been key to the success they’ve seen.

“We like to think of working with clients on their email marketing as a partnership. Having a shared outcome makes the planning and implementing a whole lot easier and increases the success rate,” says Hannah Vaughan, Client Success Manager at Jarrang. 

“With the ever-changing demands of a popular hotel collection it’s essential to build flexibility into our planning so the brand can respond to dynamic situations with ease. We do this by implementing a content schedule and by having flexible creative ready to deploy at short notice where required.”

Hannah adds: “Working with Exclusive Collection on their email marketing strategy has been a pleasure. After visiting Pennyhill Park, meeting the team, and getting to know the hotels, it was easier to deliver what they wanted to see from their email marketing. Collaborating with Jenny on the emails has been seamless and really enjoyable as new creative ideas are always welcome.” 

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