Email Marketing Trends

To say we’ve all had to roll with the punches during 2020 is an understatement. Yes, there’s been positives but it has been a brutal year. Which is why so many of us are looking to 2021 with hope in our hearts and minds. 

One thing we’ve learnt for certain this year is that all bets are off when it comes to trying to predict the future. That’s why we wait with bated breath to see what 2021 brings.

What we do know is that email marketing will continue to be crucial for brands who want to deliver a better customer experience, build stronger relationships with their customers and subscribers, see more engagement and better results.

In 2020, email marketing demonstrated, conclusively, how important it is and how it remains the best tool for putting the right messages in front of the right people at the right time.

And, while we wouldn’t be so bold as to predict the future, there are emerging trends in the industry we want to share with you to help you send better email marketing in 2021.

They are:

1. Hyper-personalisation

Personalisation in email is nothing new but it’s now entering a whole new realm, as our Client Success Manager, Ben Hocking, wrote about in late 2020

Thanks to hyper-personalisation and new technology, email marketing campaigns can now contain real-time content that refreshes at the moment of open.  All of a sudden, the experience the email campaign delivers is instantly enhanced and everyone wins because, regardless of when they open the email, the recipient is always getting the most pertinent, up-to-date information and you’re the one providing them with that information.

It’s not just words that can be personalised either, images can too, and alongside this, location data can also be used to automatically update the content of the email based upon where the recipient opens it.

Hyper-personalisation is going to open up whole new ways for you to communicate with your audience, deliver the best possible content and transform your customer experience.

2. Video & interactive content in email

Finally, the world of email tech is catching up with the rest of the digital marketing world. Due, in a large part, to the way email code works and how email clients behave, it’s been notoriously difficult to add video and interactive content to email marketing. 

This is starting to change. You can read our thoughts on video in email marketing here. To summarise, more email clients are supporting video being played directly in an email now, opening up more and more possibilities for being creative with your email marketing.

Interactive content is on the rise too and makes it much easier for your subscribers to engage with your email marketing content. Check out our ’12 Days of Christmas’ email marketing campaign as an example.

3. The plain-text revival

Low tech can sometimes pack more of a punch than high tech, and while the advances we mention above are something we welcome and celebrate, it’s important to remember the impact words on their own can have. Plain-text emails began to make a comeback in 2020 and this is something we expect to continue. 

These kinds of emails (as used by the likes of best-selling author Mark Manson) provide a welcome counterpoint to the glitz and glamour of all singing and dancing email campaigns. Sometimes well crafted words and a powerful story (when done well) can have a strong and lasting impact on your subscribers.

Taking a step back from email marketing, after the events of 2020, consumers are expecting richer and better digital experiences. Experts are already saying digitalisation in industries like retail has accelerated by as much as 5 years as brands adapted to new behaviours and wants from their customers.

2021 will be defined by those businesses who embrace this digital transformation – and stay ahead of it – and those who don’t and fall behind. Don’t let your email marketing fall behind and make sure, in 2021, you give your customers digital experiences that delight and inspire them.

We can give advice, inspirations, and ideas on the best ways to do this and make your email marketing soar in 2021. You can get in touch with us here to find out more

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