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15 email marketing automations that increase revenue

November 17 - 2022

Email Marketing Strategy 5 min read

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Today, it seems as though email marketers are mind readers.

Whether you’re browsing a specific item, considering making a purchase, or haven’t engaged with a brand for a while. Chances are, you’ll soon have a highly targeted, relevant email land in your inbox, nudging you to make the next move.

And there’s no denying it, these emails are incredibly useful for consumers. They help simplify our purchasing decisions, reassure our anxious minds, and at times even make us feel a little special.

But how do they do it?

The secret to all of the above is email marketing automation. And even better, it’s perfectly achievable for you and your business.

In this blog you’ll discover:-

What are Email Marketing Automations?

Email marketing automation refers to the process of sending email campaigns out to your subscribers, automatically.

That means little manual intervention to send, and sometimes create, these emails. Instead, email marketing automations run smoothly in the background. With specific, tailored communications being triggered by specific behaviours.

The obvious benefit to these automations is that they save marketers time, resource, and stress. Allowing them time to step back and focus on their email marketing strategy, innovation, and competitiveness.

However, they also enable brands to send the right email, to the right people, at the right time.

The result?

Email marketing automation generates 320% more revenue than non-automated email communications.

Impressive, right?

So, read on to discover 15 email marketing automations that can increase revenue for your business.

Behavioural automations

Behavioural email automations are triggered based on recipients’ behaviour.

This means that as soon as the recipient makes an action, such as visits a landing page or adds an item to their basket, a highly relevant and personalised email communication will land in their inbox. Almost immediately. The benefit of behavioural email automations is how timely they are. By sending a targeted email to a recipient whilst they are engaging with your brand, you are immediately cutting through the noise and offering them information that they will want to read. 

The list of behavioural triggers is almost endless, and lends itself to some truly creative campaigns. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Browse abandonment

Re-engaging using relevant information and product promotions when a website visitor abandons a landing page.

Cart abandonment

Re-engaging using product information, costs, benefits, and selling points when a potential customer leaves an item in their basket.

Product recommendations

Recommending relevant products or services based on the pages and products browsed.

Back in stock

Notifications when an item that has been selected, browsed, or added to a basket is back in stock.


Promoting more luxury, advanced, and expensive products related to items that have been browsed or added to a basket.

Nurturing automations

Nurturing is key to turning a potential customer into a long term, loyal purchaser.

They help to guide the recipient through their purchasing journey with your brand. Tempting them with the most relevant information, products, and offers.

We previously covered behavioural automations, which are useful for nurturing a recipient to purchase. However, here are some specific nurturing automations that help to position your business as a trusted brand, long term.

Welcome series

Triggered when a recipient makes a first engagement with a brand, welcome series should include essential brand information, popular products and services, testimonials, and contact details.

Special offers and discounts

Targeted offers and discounts based on pages and products browsed, or stage in buying cycle, such as new sign up or an engaged browser.

Sales and competitions

Time sensitive sales and competitions can utilise automated email updates that add a sense of urgency and nudge the recipient to take part.

Content and education

Keep your brand in recipients’ minds without the hard sell by automating a regular stream of useful information such as social proof, blogs and guides, videos.

Post-purchase automations

When a customer makes a purchase with you, it’s essential that you continue the positive experience all the way through to delivery. Email marketing automations can support businesses in achieving this. Sending out highly useful and relevant information to the recipient, without the marketer having to intervene.

Using automation, recipients can receive immediate purchase confirmations, order updates, and even delivery updates to keep them in the loop. And maintain reassurance.

Order updates

Communicating every stage of the purchase with the customer, including order, shipping, and delivery confirmations.


Recommended and related products based on previous purchases, these can include complementary and add-on items.


Reminders to repurchase specific items at a specific period of time, particularly useful for perishable goods, medications, or cosmetics.

Loyalty automations

We frequently hear that it costs 5 times as much to acquire new customers than to maintain existing ones. But as well as costs, loyal customers boast other benefits.

They are a great source of social proof, user generated content, and useful feedback.

Keeping customers happy and improving customer lifetime value is all about personalisation and showing them a little love.

Many of the previous automations we have discussed can be utilised to keep customers loyal, however, here are some that work particularly well.


Make customers feel valued by requesting their feedback and opinions using emails triggered post-purchase, post-engagement, or at regular intervals.


Celebratory communications using date-based automations, these could include birthdays, purchase anniversaries, wedding anniversaries, even their dog’s ‘gotcha’ day!


Connecting with customers who haven’t engaged or purchased in a period of time, these can include offers or information to entice them back to the brand.

Getting started with email marketing automations

Email marketing automations bring a wealth of benefits. Engagement, sales, costs, time, scalability. The list goes on.

And whilst setting up email marketing automation may seem overwhelming in the short term, these benefits make automations well worth the investment in the long term.

If you need help making those first steps into email marketing automation, or perhaps want support in improving your current automations, then get in touch.

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