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5 challenges Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps marketers resolve

April 13 - 2023

Email Marketing Strategy 5 min read

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As businesses continue to improve their online presence, and customer expectations continue to increase, marketers are facing new and complex challenges.

With so much noise online, marketers can struggle to cut through and get their message heard by the right audience. Fortunately, this is where Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) can help.

SFMC is a powerful platform that supports businesses in overcoming their marketing challenges so that they can offer the ultimate customer experience. Without the need for additional headcount or multiple systems.

If that’s piqued your interest, then check out a further 5 challenges that Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps marketers to resolve.

Data integration

Personalising customer experiences

Managing customer insights

Automating processes

Solving complex needs and use cases

Data integration

SFMC provides a wide range of data integration capabilities which can support marketers in unifying their customer data from various sources and channels. Providing them with a single, accessible, 360-degree view of their customer.

With SFMC’s data integration tools, marketers can go on to easily connect their customer data across all touchpoints and marketing channels, including email, mobile, social, web, and much more.

Additionally, SFMC offers ‘Datorama’, a powerful data management platform which enables marketers to optimise the marketing performance of every campaign, activity, and investment.

By leveraging all of these data integration capabilities, marketers can benefit from valuable insights into their customers' behaviour and preferences, using this information to optimise their marketing campaigns, and drive better results.

Personalising customer experiences

One of the most significant marketing challenges faced today is creating a truly personalised experience for customers, one that closely emulates a one-to-one relationship.

Because today’s consumer expects everything from communications, product recommendations, purchasing cycle, and customer service to be as personalised and tailored to their preferences and behaviours as possible.

They no longer want, but demand, campaigns that are relevant to their interests, needs, and stage in the buying cycle. And have no issues with turning to competitors if these needs aren’t met.

SFMC can help marketers to deliver these personalised experiences through a range of tools.

Marketers can utilise SFMC’s Journey Builder functionality to craft journeys tailored to specific customers and segments. By using this feature, marketers can define the steps within a customer journey, create highly personalised content, and automate their communications across the most relevant channels.

All of this activity contributes to marketers delivering consistent and relevant messages to their customers, no matter where they are in the journey.

Managing customer insights

Customer insights are essential to understand audiences, inform campaigns, and gauge the success of marketing activity.

SFMC helps marketers to gain invaluable customer insights through its powerful data management and analytics functionality.

By integrating SFMC with customer relationships management (CRM) systems alongside other data sources, the platform can enable marketers to collect and analyse data from multiple touchpoints. This can include email, social media, paid advertising, and websites.

With this data, marketers can create detailed customer profiles and segments to better understand their customers’ behaviour and preferences. Enabling them to produce campaigns that are more targeted and relevant to the individual.

Additionally, SFMC’s Einstein AI capabilities allow for predictive modelling and forecasting, providing marketers with the ability to anticipate customer needs and tailor their campaign messaging accordingly.

Automating processes

Automation is key to the smooth running of an efficient marketing team.

With the use of Marketing Cloud Automation Studio, marketers are able to automate those time-consuming, repetitive tasks such as sending emails, posting on social media, and setting ad campaigns live.

The platform enables the creation of customer journeys that automate the delivery of tailored relevant communications and content to customers based on their demographics, behaviour, and preferences.

This automation not only helps marketers to save time and resource, but also improves the customer experience by delivering a personalised campaign sent at the right time, to the right person, via the right channels.

Additionally, SFMC offers the ability to automate tasks such as lead nurturing and scoring, allowing both sales and marketing to focus activity on the most qualified leads and ultimately drive more revenue for their business.

Solving complex needs and use cases

One of the most notable benefits of SFMC is how flexible and customisable the platform is.

This flexibility enables businesses to solve the more complex needs and use cases that are specific to them and their audience.

The system is platform agnostic so that marketers can work seamlessly between applications. Offering over 3,000 apps, its flexible architecture allows for integration of other systems and technologies, meaning that businesses aren’t limited in the other platforms they wish to use.

It is also industry agnostic, so whether their customer is a business or a consumer, marketers can benefit from all the functionality available within SFMC, from data through to performance measurement.

And as we have already covered, the range of tools and functionality offered by SFMC can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of almost any organisation. Content can be personalised to fit specific audiences, activity can be automated to suit the needs of any team size, and performance can be tracked to ensure that complex or niche campaigns are driving positive results. 

In summary

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is one of the most powerful platforms available to businesses today. It enables them to overcome some of the most significant marketing challenges they face in a way that is tailored to their specific requirements.

By leveraging the power of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, marketers can improve engagement, drive conversions, and ultimately grow their business.

If all of these benefits have tempted you to explore SFMC for your business, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. With a wealth of experience as an SFMC Agency, we’re confident our team can help you reach your marketing goals.

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