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Should You Use Email Marketing Outsourcing Companies

June 29 - 2020

Email Marketing Strategy 5 min read

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As I’ve spoken about previously, it’s easier than ever before for businesses large and small to look after their own email marketing. In some cases it makes perfect sense. In others, less so. At Jarrang, we’re driven by our mission to see a world with better email marketing campaigns in it. If you have the time, expertise and resources to do this in-house then it’s something we celebrate and applaud. However, we know this isn’t always the case. So to help with your decision on who to use, we’ve put together some questions to ask yourself when looking through email marketing outsourcing companies. 

Do you have the time, resources and expertise?

Creating brilliant email marketing campaigns takes a huge amount of work. Even if you’re using templates you still have to worry about how your emails look, whether they work properly across all devices, the content in them, the calls to action, the send time, the data the campaign is being sent to – the list goes on. It isn’t a quick job. If you don’t have the resources, expertise or time in-house then outsourcing becomes an attractive and viable option.

Is there a strategy in place and do you know what results you want to see?

There’s no point in doing something just because you think you have to. Time and time again we see email campaigns being sent out without any thought to them. Firstly, you should have a clear and well-defined strategy in place. Secondly, you should know what you want your email campaigns to do and how you want your subscribers to engage with them. Always ask yourself: “Why are we sending this? What do we want it to achieve?”

Do you have a way of measuring how successful your email marketing is?

Following on from the above, it’s essential to know what metrics you want to measure to determine how successful your campaigns have been. The insight and analysis of email marketing campaigns should always go beyond just looking at open and click-through rates. It’s often here where outsourcing can deliver unexpected value.

How well do you understand data and can you ensure you’re compliant?

Ever since GDPR came into force, compliance and data management have taken on a whole new importance. Data can be a minefield. Knowing where your data comes from, managing it correctly and understanding the most effective ways to use it are all integral to a successful email marketing strategy that complies with the new regulations.

How advanced do you want your email marketing campaigns to be?

Whether it’s building automated journeys, sending behavioural-driven emails or utilising AI and machine learning, sometimes it really does pay to bring in the experts. Ultimately, the decision on how you manage your email marketing, whether you keep it in-house or whether you outsource it, is yours to make. And hopefully the above gives you some pointers as to what is right for you, your team and your business. If you’d like any further guidance, help or have any questions – we’d be more than happy to help. You can get in touch with us here.

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