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The email marketing year in review

June 29 - 2020

Business Insight 5 min read

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We try to strike a balance of being informative without being preachy and being fun without being over-the-top. This year we've covered everything from storytelling and GDPR through to burnout and finding balance in life and business.

Some of these you might have read before, others may be new - it's our hope that, whether you're coming to them with fresh eyes, or experiencing them for the first time there's words in here that will make you smile, give you pause for thought, challenge you, make you think differently, and, most importantly, light a fire in you to make 2020 your best year yet for your email marketing.

Without further ado, here are the 2019 highlights from our blog:

Why Email Always Wins

Among the noise and chatter of search, social and the latest 'disruptor' to digital trends, email marketing has remained a rock of consistency for nearly two decades.  At a time when the use of data from the giants of Silicon Valley is under more scrutiny than ever before and there's a heightened cultural awareness on the roles the likes of Facebook and Google play in society, it's worth remembering that, sat quietly in the corner, is the marketing and communication channel that's been around the longest and continues to prove both its relevance and power time and again.

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Avoiding burnout,a finding balance and recharging the batteries

Equally important now as it was back in the summer when it was first published, this article from our founder, Stafford Sumner, highlights the importance of avoiding burnout with some practical steps of ways you can go about doing it.

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GDPR: What to do if things go wrong

2019 saw the first high-profile cases (and fines) where companies were in breach of GDPR. We teamed up with solicitors, Stephens Scown, and Lorica Insurance Brokers to shed some light on the steps you can take if you think you've done something wrong when it comes to GDPR.

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Storytelling & Email Marketing

The very best stories stay with us. Sometimes they hit us like a sledgehammer and other times they creep up on us, sneaking under our skin when we least expect them to. But they stay with us because of the way they make us feel. In this article, our email marketing campaign executive, Hannah Vaughan, explains how to tell better stories in you email marketing campaigns.

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The role of long-form copy in email marketing

Our good friend, former employee and freelance writer, Tommy Tonkins, talks love letters, Eurocamp holidays and taking the time to do something right in this article on how long-form copy is playing an increasingly important role in email marketing.

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Why I'm eating my words about MailChimp

In one of our most insightful posts of the year, Stafford takes time to reflect on the success of MailChimp and how they've redefined the industry - something no one expected back when they first burst onto the scene in 2010.

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Exploring uncharted waters at TEDx Truro

"We live in challenging times. The world is in constant change. From the rise of populism through to the disruptive power of the tech monoliths, we're - all of us - firmly on a course that's taking us deep into uncharted waters. At times it feels like these waters will rise up in the encroaching storm and swamp us, drown us in their rage and fury. But even in the darkest of storms, light will always have the power to break through."This was one of Stafford's key takeaways from the 2019 edition of TEDx Truro, an event Jarrang have been proud sponsors of for the past three years. You can discover more of what we learnt in the full article.

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We hope you've enjoyed this look back on some of our favourite articles from 2019. We'd love to know what you enjoy reading the most and what topics you'd like us to cover in 2020.

You can get in touch here and let us know.

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