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The joy of email: how lockdown has heightened inbox anticipation

June 29 - 2020

Email Marketing Content 5 min read

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With open rates booming, the impetus on email for giving joy and escapism has never been stronger. Between February and March there has been, on average, an open rate increase of 16% industry wide with some of Jarrang's clients seeing their open rate increase to more than double the industry average. Now, more than ever, is the time to invest in your email marketing.

Email is something people depend on.

Email has become the new way of reaching the outside world. It's bridging the gap between your living room and the shops, your garden and the garden centre, you and your loved ones. People are relying on it to confirm their order has gone through and to ensure the legitimacy and professionalism of a company.

The buzz of excitement you may have had from going to dinner, trying a new haircut, or checking in at an airport, exists digitally now. And although triggered emails are primarily a functional tool for ecommerce, it's also a great vehicle for building a sense of heightened anticipation.

Examples of Triggered Emails you can use for Ecommerce:

  • Order confirmation
  • Order dispatched and approximate delivery time
  • Delivery confirmation
  • Product review

(You can read more about these emails here)

The key to these emails is simplicity. Make it as easy as possible for the recipient to check the status of their order, change delivery details, or leave a review. Ensure they look professional too, replicating your branding throughout. People have parted ways with their money and they want to be confident about that transaction.

You can have fun with these emails too by adding some extra excitement. Rather than the standard "Your order has been dispatched" here are some examples of subject lines that add a little more personality:

  • Guess what's on its way...
  • Happiness inbound
  • Today's the day!
  • Listen out for the doorbell!
  • It's in a safe place
  • Gonna be in?


People keen to receive their order will be looking out for these emails and adding a sense of individuality will make them feel less automated.

Another good tip is to include an incentive on your follow up email. This could be a discount code on their next order, a discount if they refer your company to a friend, a free piece of content - article/wool pattern/recipe - exclusive to them.

Try to make Email as tangible as possible.

Just because email is a digital medium, doesn't mean it has to be any less substantial or meaningful. The reliance on email has never been greater, with some living alone using it as one of the few ways of exterior communication. People buy again from places they have a good experience at. It's true of restaurants, hotels, clothing outlets, and it's the same for email experience. If the journey is as slick as possible and also an enjoyable process, you'll gain loyal customers.

There's never been a better time to build or re-evaluate your ecommerce emails. Online purchases are booming now, yes, but it's something that will never disappear. Setting out good foundations now for your triggered emails will only yield benefits in the future. And, if you've currently got extra time on your hands, it's a hugely beneficial project to start thinking about.

Deliver your ecommerce campaign like a waiter bringing a dessert spoon and you'll heighten the anticipation and joy of email.


If you'd like to take the next steps on your ecommerce journey and get some help creating an email marketing programme to support it, we'd love to hear from you.

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