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Top 7 outsourced email marketing services for retail brands

September 02 - 2022

Business Insight 5 min read

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Email is one of the most powerful marketing tools available today. One that every retailer can make the very most of no matter what resource or time they have available.

Because despite team size, skillset, or capacity, outsourcing provides the perfect solution to ensure retailers can benefit from email marketing. Without the need for additional hires, training, or software.

Read on to learn why outsourcing email marketing can be beneficial to retailers, what elements of email retailers can outsource, and even a success story to ease any uncertainties.

Why outsource your email marketing?

There are a host of reasons why outsourcing email marketing can be beneficial to your business. In fact, we’ve dedicated an entire blog post to the topic.

But to offer you the headlines, outsourced email marketing provides an outside perspective from the experts within your industry. Those who can dedicate specific time and focus on email strategy, design, and results that fit your business. Without the common distractions of full-time marketing roles.

And of course, outsourcing will free up your team's time to focus on the bigger picture. New channels, campaigns, strategy, and your competition.

Email marketing services to outsource


We would suggest beginning with an email marketing audit to help you gain a fresh perspective on your email performance, and where you stand within your industry.

This audit could be based on your current campaign and results. Or go into specific areas such as data health and list growth.

Content and design

The look, feel, and voice of your brand are specific to you, so make sure this is fully reflected in your email marketing.

You can outsource email design and content services to create a bespoke set of templates that you can use repeatedly. Or, simply gain some support in a one-off campaign with which you want to make an impression.


Experts in email marketing will understand the stringent checklists that need to be adhered to, to ensure your email gets in the inbox and produces results.

This step is often looked over in terms of importance. But by outsourcing to an expert you can minimise the risk of errors and maintain an excellent sender reputation.


Email deliverability is also often overlooked in favour of the more glamorous side of email marketing. But deliverability issues can fast become complex and serious.

Email experts will understand the technical and creative methods to improve your deliverability. Ensuring your hard work doesn’t go to waste.

Marketing automation

Whilst marketing automation can be fairly self-sufficient, it can also be difficult to set up. And the setup is key to ensuring the smooth running of your automations in the long term.

By outsourcing email automation, you can benefit from campaigns such as welcome journeys, transactional emails, and re-engagement campaigns.

Email marketing experts will also be familiar with advanced automation platforms such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud. So can help you make the most of what this technology can offer.

Reporting and analysis

Reporting and analysis can be a time-intensive (and fairly dry) process. Often requiring the right tools and know-how to dig down into the results that matter.

By outsourcing this process, you can receive regular updates on how your emails are performing. Leaving you to focus on the campaign creation and management.

Full consultancy

With a full consultancy, you can utilise email marketing specialists to help oversee all areas of your email marketing. From high-level strategy and KPI setting, to cleaning up your data and setting up automation journeys.

The benefit of outsourcing full email marketing consultancy is that you will be working with the right skillset from the very start. Setting solid foundations for your email marketing. And having the experts supporting you every step of the way.

Outsourcing case study

Talking about the benefits of email marketing outsourcing is well and good, but we understand if you want to see the proof.

At Jarrang, we have long supported Dege & Skinner, Savile Row’s finest bespoke tailors and shirtmakers, with their email marketing.

Dege & Skinner were struggling with a lack of consistency and email marketing strategy. They suffered from low capacity and expertise in-house to execute their email marketing. However, required their campaigns to exude the same high quality as their brand.

At Jarrang, we offered swift, efficient, and consistent execution with one point of contact for the client. With a high-level service and offering that was tailored to Dege & Skinner’s needs.

The results were database growth, an increase in sales, and regular guidance thanks to our Insight Reports.

You can read the full case study here.

Next steps

If you think that outsourcing your email marketing could benefit your retail business, then the experts at Jarrang can help.

We work with leading UK brands throughout the retail and eCommerce industry. Creating industry-leading email marketing programmes to fuel growth, drive revenues, and build lasting relationships.

If you’re looking for an expert consultancy to ensure your email marketing is getting you results, then we’d love to help.

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