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What is an Email Marketing Agency?

August 02 - 2022

Email Marketing Strategy 5 min read

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An email marketing agency has the power to be your secret weapon to help you build better relationships with your customers, smash your KPIs, and launch your sales into orbit.

It’s a bold statement but one we firmly believe in.

Look at it like this, from Steve Jobs through to a pioneering denim company in Wales (who happen to be email marketing champions) the mantra of do one thing and do it well has become entrenched in some of the most successful companies on the planet.

And it makes perfect sense. You know as well as we do how many different areas and disciplines are involved in marketing. It’s nigh on impossible for a person or an agency to be an expert in all of them.

Whereas a full service agency will offer everything from website design, content creation, search marketing, social media marketing and email marketing services, a dedicated email marketing agency will specialise purely in email marketing.

This is important because email marketing delivers the highest ROI of any other marketing channel - digital or otherwise. For every £1 spent on email marketing, £36 is generated. With the rewards on offer as rich as this, it really does pay to bring in the experts. 

The benefits of an email marketing agency

The best email marketing agencies have a huge depth of specialist knowledge, expertise and experience, they’ll have their fingers on the industry’s pulse, and they’ll quickly be able to identify areas where you can easily improve your email marketing campaigns and tap into the ROI email brings.

Unlike email marketing service providers, who give you a platform to send your email marketing campaigns and have various different features to help optimise your email marketing, an email marketing agency works directly with you to take your email programmes to the next level.

And, because email marketing agencies aren’t tied down to a particular platform, they are technology agnostic. This means they should have the ability to work across a range of different email service providers. Alongside this, they also have access to leading email marketing technology. The best agencies will use technology - like Litmus, Validity, Mailcharts and more - to support the success of your email marketing program.

The typical email marketing services you can expect from a dedicated email agency include:

Email Marketing Strategy & Consultancy. They’ll identify and create the right email marketing programmes for your business across strategy, planning and cross channel integration.

Email Marketing Automation. They’ll develop email marketing automation programmes for your business, creating always on, resource light email campaigns.

Data Management. They’ll keep your email marketing database in good health with data audits, list growth and management, and ensuring you don’t fall foul of data privacy regulations.

Reporting. They’ll use past results to inform future improvements, providing you with statistics, infographics, reports and support so you can see what your email marketing results really mean.

Deliverability. The best email in the world is useless if it doesn’t reach the inbox. From email authentication to monitoring email reputation, an email marketing agency does all the technical magic to make sure your email campaigns reach your recipients.

Design & Development. Forget standard templates, an email marketing agency will work closely with you and your team to create bespoke templates designed to make your engagement soar. 

Why use an email marketing agency?

There’s so many different elements that go into making an email marketing programme. When time, resources and capacity are stretched (as we know they all too often are) it becomes a tall order to stay on top of everything you need to to make your email campaigns a success.

Trying to have engaged subscribers, to stay ahead of the latest advances in technology, to make sure your emails are delivered to the right people at the right time without errors, to drive sales…all while staying compliant with the latest data legislation is a massive job.

And staying on top of all of this is just one of the reasons why you should consider outsourcing your email marketing.   

If you’re looking for an email marketing agency you can trust, who can guide you and deliver the results you want to see then we’re here to help.

From luxury hotel collections to hedge funds, we work with a wide-range of businesses across all sectors. We give them our expertise and provide them with the capacity they need to create email marketing campaigns that fuel growth and deliver a significant return on investment.

We’d love to help you do the same.

Get in touch for an informal chat with one of our team and we’ll show you how.

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