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What is Email Marketing Automation?

July 27 - 2022

Email Marketing Automation 5 min read

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Have you ever had an email land in your inbox immediately after making a purchase?

Or, had one of your favourite brands email you a discount code on your birthday?

You may have wondered how large these marketing teams must be to send a seemingly constant series of highly relevant and personalised email communications.

Well, here’s the secret.

It’s all email marketing automation. This article explores more.

What’s inside this blog:-

  • Email marketing automation overview
  • Benefits of email marketing automation
  • Email marketing automation examples
  • Next steps

Email marketing automation overview

Simply put, email marketing automation refers to the process of sending emails to your subscribers, prospects, and customers. Automatically.

With the use of Email Service Providers (ESPs) and automation tools, marketers can create a series of emails that are triggered by specific actions or criteria, and then automatically sent to their database.

This means sending the right email, to the right person, at the right time. With little manual effort.

These triggers could include an account sign-up, a purchase, or simply not engaging with a business or brand in a period of time.

Benefits of email marketing automation

Saves time

One of the most significant benefits of email marketing automation is its ability to save time.

By creating automated email workflows, marketers no longer have to be concerned about manually sending vast amounts of emails based on specific timings. Instead, once the workflow is set up, marketers can sit back and let the automation do its job. And easily scale their automations as their business, brand, or database grows.

Increases personalisation

Personalisation is key to successful marketing. In fact, 71% of consumers feel frustrated when a shopping experience is impersonal.

By utilising specific behavioural and criteria triggers, marketers can automatically send emails that are personalised beyond the first name. Instead, they can trigger and reference highly specific actions the recipient has taken.

Enables reactivity

With the use of email marketing automation, marketers can be 100% on the ball when it comes to reacting to recipients’ behaviour.

Reactivity is important as recipients are in a highly engaged state when they create an action on a website. Therefore, dropping in their inbox immediately is crucial to catch their eye, encourage them to take another action, or provide further essential information.

Improves engagement

Being able to scale campaigns, be personal, and ensure reactivity all results in one thing.


In fact, 34% of marketers utilise email marketing automation to improve recipient engagement. And rightly so, with 80% of marketing automation users seeing improved lead generation, and 77% seeing more conversions.

State of Marketing Automation

Source - Ascend2


Welcome campaigns

Not only are welcome campaigns ideal for encouraging that warm and fuzzy feeling in your recipients. They also boast an open rate of 50%. Making them 86% more effective than standard emails.

Welcome campaigns are ideal for engaging with any new recipient. Whether they have signed up for a newsletter, made their first purchase, or requested a free trial.

Birthday celebrations

Who doesn’t love to feel special on their birthday?

Birthday automations are a simple but effective way to engage with recipients and also encourage them to make a purchase with the use of a discount code.

And birthday data can easily be collected at the point of sign up, so there’s no excuse to forget!


Once a customer has handed over their hard-earned money, it’s important that they still feel valued.

Post-purchase automations are essential to build trust with customers and ensure that their purchase journey runs as smoothly as possible.

These automations can include purchase confirmation, delivery notifications, and follow-ups for a review or rating.


Despite our best efforts, sometimes recipients simply stop engaging with us.

That could be engaging with a website, emails, or not making a purchase.

Re-engagement emails are ideal for winning these individuals back. Letting them know they are missed, reminding them of your brand, and offering incentives to engage or purchase once again.

Next steps

Email marketing automation is becoming increasingly essential for brands and businesses.

And if it’s a marketing tactic you are not practising, your competitors likely are.

Email automation can seem daunting to begin with. Set up, data, and content creation can all become time-consuming.

But despite the challenges, email marketing automation can be accessible for almost all brands and businesses. If your team lacks the resource or know-how, you can always contact the experts who can offer you the capacity and expertise to get your email marketing automation up and running.

If this sounds like you, then get in touch with our team at Jarrang for more information - we’re here to help.

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