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Working together: Email Marketing & Search

June 29 - 2020

Email Marketing Strategy 5 min read

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Often thought of as separate marketing tactics which work independently for an over goal, many are unaware that the two can work together to their advantage.

So why is search so important?

Search engines are often the first stop for those seeking content, products or general information online. Therefore taking advantage of all aspects of this marketing tool (both paid and unpaid) in order to rise through the rankings for your chosen keywords is a must. However, as with most things, working alone search can only yield a certain level of results.

With more ways than ever to engage and influence clients and consumers online, whether that's through social media, blogging, email or your website, a unified approach is a stronger approach online.

So how can email and search work together?

Email works as a strong link between all our digital marketing tools, guiding subscribers through to the pages, social media sites or blogs that we wish them to see. Therefore, although not often searched for themselves they can still play a strong part in our search engine marketing efforts.

The main points to consider when linking email with search:

  • A wealth of information - By taking a look back through your most successful email campaigns and content that yielded the highest results historically, you can narrow down exactly what has worked best and take keyword ideas from that to use in your other online content.
  • Landing pages - although your emails are not easily searchable, the landing pages connected to them are and therefore should always be optimised for search in order to be found online.
  • Social media provides the link - Strengthening your online presence and content all helps in your search engine marketing efforts; by including links to your blogs and other digital content in your emails, and encouraging subscribers to share them on social media will help to build your number of page views and your reputation as an authority online.
  • Let search support your emails - When sending out an email focussed on a specific offer or promotion, consider how your search efforts can support this, for example, running a Pay Per Click campaign in parallel with your email in order to boost the results.


Both search engine marketing and email marketing play an important part in the online world. In the most basic form, email acts as a reminder to subscribers, keeping you at the forefront of their minds and encouraging them to search for you online again in the future, thus supporting your search engine marketing efforts.

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