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So, you want to take your email marketing to the next level? We think that’s a great idea. At Jarrang, we pride ourselves for staying at the forefront of email design technologies and possibilities, so here are a number of ways we can help you become part of the next generation of email design.

One of many ways to immediately stand out from the crowd is to use animated images, there are so many reasons why you should be using them, and there are equally as many different ways you can incorporate them. According to Marketing Sherpa, using animated images in an email campaign can increase revenue by up to 109%, click rate by 42%, and conversion rate by 103%.

We will also look at dynamic content in images, which is a pioneering technology that allows live data to be inserted into images that refresh as soon as an email is opened.  This allows for a wealth of possibilities for email marketing that until recently has not been on the table. From the latest personalised offers to a map to the nearest restaurant location.

From a simple picture slideshow to creating animated illustrations from scratch, we are here to help bring your email campaigns to life. Why not have a scroll down this page to get an idea of how you could make animated images work for you, we’re certain that you’ll see the value that they have outside of the memes you send in your workplace group chat. Alternatively, you can visit the gallery to look at all the examples that we have to offer.

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Celebrate the seasons


The seasons don’t stay still, so why should your emails? The flowers opening in spring, a summer sunset, or falling autumn leaves… Mother Nature knows best, so take a leaf out of her book. Here you are able to see Jarrang's Spring/Summer collection with its' latest styles and seasonal highlights

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A cinemagraph is a more subtle type of animated image where a minor part of a photograph is made to animate on a loop. This creates the illusion that you are sat on the beach watching the waves lap on the shore, or sat in the hotel lobby watching the fire crackle as you warm your feet. You can use cinemagraphs to add a little extra something to your campaigns, without risking distracting the reader from your content.

Show off a product

It may be that you have a new product being released, and you want to show it off and make an impact. Here, you could use animated images to show a 360 degree view of your product. Not only does this allow potential customers to see your product from all angles, but it lifts your product off the page and immediately draws attention.There are a few other methods you could use in this instance. You could show off different ways you can use a product, or even showcase multiple products as an animated slideshow.

Demonstrate a new feature

Something else to highlight, is how you can use animated GIFs to show off new features that your product might have. This can really help to get across just how exciting or useful something is to the reader.

It doesn’t have to just be mobile apps either. You could demonstrate a new feature on your website, such as a new booking form or a new meet the team page.

Get with the occasion

View the Animated Image gallery

Countdown to something big

Creating a sense of urgency is a great way to drive engagement, and nothing does that better than a countdown clock. Using dynamic images, we are able to insert an animated image with a countdown that live updates as soon as the email is opened. Although in the movies a countdown like this isn’t usually a good thing, in emails it can mean something really exciting. You could count down to the beginning or end of a sale, a big event, or launch of a brand new product.

Live maps and weather forecasts


We love talking about the weather, that might be because we're in the UK, or it might just be because it can really affect our plans. Imagine the scenario, you are about to go on holiday, and a week before your trip you receive an email detailing what weather you can expect throughout your stay. You could also use the weather in other ways. For example, you could choose to lead your email with different products depending on the weather conditions, e.g. promote an offer on sunglasses if the temperature is high, or waterproof coats if precipitation is likely.

Live maps are another way to make your campaign even more helpful and relevant to your customers. For example, a business could direct customers to the nearest branch based on their current location upon opening the email.

Get personal with your images


You might already be used to incorporating personal data, such as a first name, into your campaigns, but did you know we can do this in images too? See your name engraved onto a product, see your name on a plane ticket, or provide people with different discount codes depending on their interests. This gives you the ability to harness a new level of targeted marketing.

Get the most out of your data or API


You might be a company that has a large database of products, or a spreadsheet full of various holiday packages. We can help you use this data to step up your email campaigns with live products, pricing, timetables, currencies and much more, all existing as an image within your campaign.

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