Bring Campaigns To Life With Animated Images

Also known as animated GIFs, this is a great tool to lift your marketing material off the screen. Whether it be animating a flickering fire to create a cosy atmosphere, the stars passing in the night sky, or something more advanced, we can help bring your imagery to life.


Why Use Animated Images?

Animated images help you jump out of a cluttered inbox. There are so many reasons why you should be using them, and there are equally as many different ways you can incorporate them. According to Marketing Sherpa, using animated images in an email campaign can increase revenue by up to 109%, click rate by 42%, and conversion rate by 103%.

  • ✔️ Immediately gain your subscriber’s attention and compell them to read more
  • ✔️ Add your brand’s personality and flair to any campaign
  • ✔️ Stand out from competition in the inbox

We Can Bring Your Images To Life

  • Make the most of your photography with an image slideshow.
  • Bring your assets to life with a cinemagraph
  • Make a headline more dynamic and eye-catching with animation

There’s many ways of harnessing GIFs in your email marketing campaigns. Let us show you how.

Do You Want To Push The Boundaries?

Keeping things simple is often the most effective option. But, if you really want to make an impact with your audience, we can help you push the boundaries with more technical, detailed and advanced animation.

This cutting-edge approach to email marketing animation can send your ROI soaring while delighting your customers.

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