Always Be Up To Date With Live Images

Live Images - that update in real-time - go one step further in making your email campaigns engaging, relevant and timely.


Why Use Live Images?

We love talking about the weather, that might be because we’re in the UK, or it might just be because it can really affect our plans. Imagine the scenario, you’re about to go on holiday, and a week before your trip you receive an email detailing what weather you can expect throughout your stay. Then you go back to this email the day before you trip, and the forecast updates automatically, giving you the most up to date information. It’s such a powerful tool for giving your subscribers added value. You could also use the weather in other ways. For example, you could choose to lead your email with different products depending on the weather conditions, e.g. promote an offer on sunglasses if the temperature is high, or waterproof coats if it’s going to rain. Live maps are another way to make your campaign even more helpful and relevant to your customers. For example, a business could direct customers to the nearest branch based on their current location upon opening the email.

  • ✔️ Use live data feeds in your campaigns
  • ✔️ Only promote the most relevant information and events
  • ✔️ Unlock a higher level of targeting marketing


Using a user’s location is becoming more and more prominent in marketing across all channels, and email is no exception.

Using live maps in your email campaign has the opportunity to encourage a direct connection with your customer by showing them the nearest branch of your business to where they’re currently located.

How Well Is It Supported?

The great thing about Live Images is in the name, on the face of it they are functionally just images. All of the heavy lifting is being done behind the scenes to make things run smoothly.

This means that they are supported perfectly across every email platform imaginable, which is great news for you and your subscribers.

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