Personalised Images For Every One Of Your Subscribers

Personalised Images are the next iteration of personalisation in email marketing and will consistently deliver the ‘wow’ factor.

Make It Personal

Why Use Personalised Images?

Imagine if your customers could see their name engraved onto a product, or printed on a plane ticket, or get a different discount code based on their interests. All this – and more- is now possible. Go one step further in making your campaigns more relevant to the reader and harness a new level of targeted marketing. According to Instapage, transaction rates on personalised emails increase by as much as 6x.

  • ✔️ Use existing audience data to create a tailored experience
  • ✔️ Increase transactions by as much as 6x
  • ✔️ Personalisation helps you talk to your subscribers like people

But isn’t personalisation creepy?

Far from it! According to Smart Insights, 72% of customers only interact with highly personalised content. At the same time, they’re often concerned about their data privacy. When using personalisation, here are some key things to remember:

  • Use first-party data – We never buy lists, and neither should you. Using customer data without an individual giving it to your brand is a sure way to trigger red flags.
  • Make sure your value proposition is enough – Consider your reasoning for using customer data in your content and understand why you’re doing it.
  • Be authentic – Talk to your audience like they’re people to build better, stronger, more lucrative relationships with them

What Makes Personalised Images Better?

Unlike regular text personalisation – i.e. Dear {{First_Name}} – working with images unlocks new opportunities to personalise your visuals as well as your text. For example, if it’s a subscriber’s birthday, you could write their name on a cake that’s shaped like one of their interests.

This type of email marketing is great for nurturing the all important connection you have with your audience, and showing an appreciation for their individuality.

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