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Take the next step to reopening safely by having safe, secure, and efficient data collection and storage in accordance with Government guidelines.

Pubs, cafes, restaurants, hotels and other hospitality businesses are being asked to keep a temporary record of their customers and visitors for 21 days to assist NHS Test & Trace in case of further outbreaks of the COVID-19 virus.

While some venues have booking or reservation systems they can use to support this, thousands of businesses don’t and are rightly concerned about how they collect and store the data in a way that’s both COVID-secure and GDPR compliant.

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ON THE LIST is a digital data capture form for each venue, which, for less than 75p per day*, collects contact details to ensure your business is COVID-secure in accordance with the latest data collection requirements from the government as well as being GDPR-compliant. The data submitted through the form is automatically time and date stamped in accordance with NHS Test & Trace requirements.

It’s quick and easy for you and your guests. Data can be collected with minimum fuss and hassle helping you focus on wholeheartedly welcoming your customers back.

It saves you a huge amount of time and significantly reduces your admin, in comparison to traditional registration methods. There’s no need for spreadsheets or pen and paper – two ways you can quickly fall foul of GDPR, and COVID security.

Instant cloud-based storage on UK servers that’s safe and secure in accordance with GDPR requirements.

Includes the option to capture guests’ contact details so you can boost your email marketing and grow your database to help drive bookings in the future.

Customer scans your unique QR code, or enters the URL on their device


Customer is greeted by server, who has the app open on their device

The customer or server then fills in the customer's name and either email or phone number. At this stage, they can also opt in to receive email marketing

The device then displays a success screen which can be shown to the server before ordering.

For less than 75p per day*, the package includes:

Web-based data capture form - Usable on a phone, tablet or desktop computer, to register the details of your guests as they enter your premises.

Create marketing opportunities - We can include an optional check-box that, when the guest agrees, gives consent for ongoing email marketing, which you can use to keep in touch with your customers into the future.

Secure and GDPR Compliant - The form collects data to ensure your venue is COVID secure and compliant with latest data collection requirements from the government, as well as GDPR. The data is automatically timestamped in accordance with NHS Test & Trace Requirements

Easy to keep clean - With all your staff using an electronic device, which can be easily cleaned between uses, they can record the guests details whilst staying safe.

Multiple visits and auto-deletion - The form supports multiple visits from returning customers and automatically deletes any data after 21 days as legally required. For those consenting to ongoing email marketing, their data is stored on a separate database for ongoing use.

Easily downloadable data - Should it be needed, data can be simply downloaded from ON THE LIST to work alongside the NHS Test & Trace capabilities.

Offline mode - For venues with patchy or unreliable WiFi, the app securely stores data locally and then automatically pushes it to the cloud when the internet is reconnected

Your own branded web-app - Easily downloaded to a smartphone or tablet, and branded in consistency with your other digital platforms.

*Initial set-up from £50, then £20 per month.
Prices exclusive of VAT

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Some businesses have more specific requirements with regards to both design and functionality. We also have discounts for multiple venue licences. Contact us to discuss your bespoke needs, or to find out more information

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