On The List by Jarrang

Build your database simply and efficiently


ON THE LIST is a digital data capture form, which allows you to easily build your email marketing database using a simple QR code.  It's GDPR-compliant and all data is automatically time and date stamped for future reference and segmentation.

Our clients are using ON THE LIST for a multitude of applications:

  1. Enews subscription in an offline environment
  2. Competition entries
  3. Trade shows
  4. Point Of Sale data capture

How will you use yours?

It’s quick and easy for you and your visitors. Data can be collected with minimum fuss and hassle helping you focus on wholeheartedly serving your customers.

It saves you a huge amount of time and significantly reduces your admin in comparison to traditional collection methods. There’s no need for spreadsheets or pen and paper - both time consuming and a sure fire way to fall foul of GDPR requirements.

Instant cloud-based storage that’s safe and secure in accordance with GDPR requirements.

Customer scans your unique QR code via their smartphone

The customer then fills in their email address (and name or phone number if required) to subscribe to the marketing database.

The customer email address is automatically added to your email marketing database, which also gives you the opportunity to send them a "Welcome Email" whilst they are on-site.


Web-based data capture form - Usable on a phone, tablet or desktop computer, to register the details of your visitors as an alternative if they can't access the QR code themselves.

Create marketing opportunities - The data capture can be used to send ongoing marketing materials beyond their initial subscription, and for competitions, we can also include an opt-in checkbox for GDPR compliance.

Secure and GDPR Compliant - The form collects data to ensure you are compliant with latest data collection requirements e.g. GDPR. It also includes a timestamp and source tag for future reference.

Easily downloadable data - The data is instantly available in your marketing database, and should it be needed, data can be simply downloaded from ON THE LIST by your team at Jarrang for other uses.

Your own branded web-app - If you prefer to provide a tablet for your venue as an alternative to a self-service QR code,  we provide a web app, branded in consistency with your other digital platforms.

AUTOMATED WELCOME EMAILS - Instantly trigger a welcome email to the newest member of your community, possibly providing them with an on-site offer, or even a series of nurturing emails to get them hooked on your brand.

Some businesses are ready to go with the standard product, and others have more specific requirements with regards to both design and functionality. We also have discounts for multi-site licences. Contact us to discuss your needs, to find out more information, or to get started today!

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