Expert help for advanced Campaign Monitor users

Are you looking to get more from your Campaign Monitor email marketing campaigns?

We’ve worked closely with the team at Campaign Monitor since 2009 and can help you increase engagement, conversions, and ROI.

You and your team are comfortable using the basic features of Campaign Monitor but that doesn’t stop you thinking that you could be doing more - the problem is you’re not sure where to start and how to go about doing.

That’s where we come in.

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With 17 years experience, we’re one of the UK’s leading independent email marketing agencies and can help you unlock Campaign Monitor’s full potential.

Here's how:

  • Enhanced data and list management including consolidating different list and carrying out data cleanses to reduce costs
  • Helping you to segment your database so you can send highly targeted campaigns
  • Unblocking frozen accounts - something that’s becoming increasingly common    
  • Setting up verification records to ensure your deliverability stays strong
  • Integrating Campaign Monitor with other platforms using the API
  • Working with you to develop advanced email marketing programmes such as automated journeys and behavioural-driven campaigns
  • Support with GDPR data compliance - both internally and externally
  • Designing and developing bespoke templates 

In short, we provide capacity, expertise and a safe pair of hands to fix problems, prevent them from happening, and to help you get the best results from your email marketing campaigns in Campaign Monitor.

Contact us for a no-obligation conversation today to find out how we can help take your email marketing to the next level.