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Whether we like it or not, we all make judgements, all of the time.

We make judgements when we dish out ratings or reviews. We rate products, services we receive, Uber drivers, restaurants, box-sets we’ve binged on Netflix and most things in between.

Reviews on Amazon and Google also play a big role in the consumer decision making process. If a product or service has hundreds of 1-star reviews, it’s highly unlikely you’ll buy it. Whereas, if we see a 5-star rating for something we’re interested in, we instantly become more inclined to purchase it.
We pass these judgements and hand out reviews to others incredibly easily yet rarely do we stop to properly judge ourselves, review the work we’re doing or give ourselves our own rating.

It’s here we’re missing a trick.

Constant evolution through learning is one of the best ways to create a successful business. The same is true for email marketing programmes. You should learn from previous campaigns and use the data from them to help improve your future sends.

Whether you’re a seasoned email marketing professional or it’s a relatively new marketing channel for your business, taking a step back to review how good your email marketing is can be a true game changer.

That’s why we created Email Marketing ScoreCard .

It’s a quick and easy assessment which will give you a detailed breakdown of the current state of your email marketing, establish your areas of strength and identify your weaknesses, giving you the starting point to improve your email marketing.

It includes questions which cover topics like:

  • Automated journeys
  • Personalisation
  • Segmentation
  • List growth
  • Testing
  • Reporting
  • Deployment
  • And much more

On completion, you’ll get an overall score and rating for your email marketing. This comes complete with key, tailored recommendations (with a red, amber, green ratings) on the most important aspects of any successful email marketing programme - design, data, strategy, content, and reporting, deployment, testing and analysis.

You will also receive access to a range of free resources including a video from the team at Jarrang to help increase your email marketing knowledge and boost your confidence.

Even if you’ve been doing this for years, there might be areas you're missing or have overlooked and, with a little fine tuning, can help propel your email marketing to the next level. Equally, if you’re new to email marketing, this is the perfect place to start to assess whether you’re on the right track.
How good is your email marketing? It’s time to find out.