Ben Hocking

Ben Hocking


Ben Hocking is a key member of our Client Success team and, with a background in business management, brings both diligence and expertise to our clients.

“The future of email marketing is extremely bright,” he says. “There’s endless potential. Email marketing has come a long way in a relatively short space of time and I genuinely think there’s so much more to come – whether that’s even greater levels of personalisation or increased interactivity within the email itself.

“The future of marketing is being able to speak to people on an individual level and tailor content to their specific needs and wants. Email marketing is the best medium for doing this and it’s always been the most effective channel for me personally as well.”

Ben is also a massive Formula 1 fan who, in his spare time, creates content including blog articles and videos for the business he co-founded built on his love of the sport.