Conor Wilson

Conor Wilson


Email Designer & Developer, Conor Wilson, graduated from the University of Plymouth after studying Applied Media before working as a digital content specialist at a regional radio station.

It was here he became fully immersed in the sea of marketing and involved in everything from content creation to online video. While doing this, he was teaching himself coding, design and development, so when he saw the opportunity to work at Jarrang, it was one he couldn’t let slip by.

“There’s a great team here,” he says, “and we’re lucky enough to work in an amazing location. Email is such an exciting platform to work on. It’s the limitations of email that excite me because they breed creativity. Relatively speaking, email is an old standard but there’s a lot of new and creative things happening right now – I’m really excited to be a part of that.

“Email is one of the only truly personal marketing channels which makes it all the more effective. You can drill down into the demographics in social advertising but you’ll never get to that one person. This is what email gives you and it’s this relationship with the recipient which is incredibly powerful.

“I’m really into emerging technologies and I’m looking forward to working on integrating video into email and helping us stay ahead of the curve with it. I have a passion for good design and good branding so getting to work with our amazing clients who have strong branding in place is something I love.”

Alongside his love of digital media, Conor is a huge film fan and assumes the mantle of our in-house cinephile.