Head of Security

A permanent fixture in our offices since 2010, Henry is our Head of Security, keeping out any unwanted intruders, especially those of a feline persuasion.

He loves his job and is never more happy than when there is a constant supply of biscuits, ear scratches and belly rubs. Henry considered many career paths before joining Jarrang, turning down Hollywood roles and a place on the judging panel at Crufts, but the allure of long walks in the great Cornish outdoors proved too great for him to resist.

He’s renowned for his work ethic and is consistently hailed as the hardest worker in the team. In fact, his non-stop approach to work frequently finds him having a quick power nap on the sofas. When he’s not busy patrolling the office perimeter and befriending the local wildlife, Henry enjoys riding shotgun in the Land Rover while sticking his head out of the window.

Deep down, he remains a big softy and greets everyone with a wagging tail, friendly lick and the demand for affection, from the postman to visiting CEOs!