James Cape

Head of Partnerships

James spearheads the business development side of Jarrang as our Head of Partnerships.

He has a wealth of experience working in the creative sector and a background in running a recruitment business. James enjoys the finer things in life and his primary focus is to expand Jarrang’s business in the premium sector.

“It’s great to come in and help a dynamic business like Jarrang,” he says. “The team here are full of creativity, drive, and charisma. My job is to ensure people are aware of what we do and recognise the huge value in what we offer.

“Email marketing is about building brilliant relationships and allows businesses to really personalise their messaging. However, it’s been dismissed by a lot of people who prioritise their marketing spend on PPC, SEO and social. They resort to bringing email marketing in house and try to run complex programmes with people who aren’t as skilled as the experts. Their emails then underperform as a result. This is what we want to change.”

Outside of business development, James has a young family, is a big rugby fan, enjoys the good life, and is a fluent French speaker.