Nick Crawford

Nick Crawford


With extensive experience working with brands like BMW, Jaguar Land Rover, and Travelodge (where he helped double their year-on-year email marketing revenue), Nick heads up the strategy side of the business helping ensure our clients stand out from their competition.

Nick has worked directly for brands, agencies, and marketing automation vendors – specialising in email – and the wealth of his knowledge means he’s perfectly positioned to help develop and expand innovative email marketing programmes for our clients.

“Bringing together all the elements of my experience really helps paint the picture, tell the story and to orchestrate relationships,” says Nick.

“There’s a realisation within a lot of businesses now that they can’t just have a batch and blast approach to throwing things out there. Marketing now is about creating a point of difference that goes beyond the product. 

“Email is one of the few channels that allows you to directly talk to your customers and your prospects. It’s also the only channel where you can understand the relationship between what you’ve sent, how the recipients have interacted with it and what the outcome is. And, unlike social, it’s a channel where you actually own the data.

“We have a great team at Jarrang and there is a real appetite to elevate email marketing. The work we deliver is of the highest quality that really stands out. My job is to ensure we go beyond great email marketing campaigns and deliver sophisticated automation, profitable segmentation, productive personalisation, and generally take our clients to the next level.”

Away from the desk, Nick is a whirlwind of action. He’s a closet drummer and, when he’s not laying down a beat, you can find him in a twist making all kinds of balloon shapes – which is where his love of breaking the complicated down into small steps comes from.