Stafford Sumner

Stafford Sumner


Stafford set up Jarrang in 2003. He specialises in helping businesses grow, develop and generate results.

Prior to forming Jarrang, Stafford had been working client-side, using email marketing as a way of nurturing leads in the IT sector. Now, over a decade down the line, Jarrang has evolved from an email marketing company to a data-driven marketing agency with international clients in diverse sectors from luxury travel to financial services.

It’s this diversity, and the chance to have a significant impact, which remains a constant driving force for Stafford.

“This job becomes more exciting with every year that goes by,” he says. “Since I’ve started doing this I’ve worked with hundreds of businesses, helping many of them grow while enabling them to fundamentally shift the way they operate for the better.

“The industry never sits still so we’re constantly on our toes, striving to be better at what we do and to do it for more people. I’ve built a team around me full of individuals who are not only a pleasure to work with but experts in their fields, and the best equipped to drive our business forwards while giving our clients an industry-leading service and experience.”

Stafford has always been at the forefront of international digital marketing, being selected by the British Council to be an ambassador for the UK Digital Media Industry in Hong Kong, as well as gaining a UKTI award for ‘Developing International Business’. He’s also carried out extensive international charity work, particularly in the field of disaster relief.

Stafford’s work ethic is second to none; he leads from the front and he’s always a source of inspiration for those around him.