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Video content is lighting up inboxes around the world and sending engagement rates soaring. Harness the latest technology and take your campaigns to the next level with video in email.

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Thanks to significant advances in technology, native video playing within an email (rather than a GIF or a link to a video hosted somewhere else) is the latest trend transforming the industry.

Here’s why:

✔️ Videos in email can double click through rates (HubSpot)

✔️ When the word ‘video’ is included in the subject line, open rates increase by 6% (HubSpot)

✔️ 64% of consumers are more likely to buy after seeing a video of a product (Tubular Insights)

✔️ Unsubscribes fall by 26% when video content is included in emails (Campaign Monitor)

Want to see how excited we are about video in email? Watch this episode of our podcast and you’ll learn everything you need to know.

Nearly 81% of companies have video on their website (Reuters) yet only a handful repurpose these videos in their email marketing.

If you’ve spent significant time, effort and resources creating awesome video content then you want as many people to see it as possible. Now, your email marketing is the perfect vehicle to deliver your videos to your customers and subscribers.

What’s more, video in email can help you:

turbo charge your email marketing

We can happily tell you all the technical ins and outs of how Video In Email is created, but we think you’re probably more interested in what it means for you if you want to add video in email to your campaigns.

This is an additional module we offer, on top of the standard campaign fees, from £250.

Pricing includes:

  • Converting a 30 second clip of your video into the relevant format
  • Application of sub-titles where appropriate
  • Creation of fall-back GIF (animated image) for those unable to see video
  • Inclusion of up to 50k ‘plays’
Not Yet Supported
iOS Mail (iPhone and iPad)
Mac Mail (Desktop)
Samsung Mail
Webmail (Gmail, Outlook.com, Yahoo)
Outlook Desktop (Windows & Mac)

It’s important to note that, while video in email is on the rise around the world, we’re all at the mercy of the email clients (like Outlook and Gmail) so there are still some challenges at present which include:

  • It doesn’t work on all devices - approximately 50% of people see video, the rest see the animated GIF, and a small minority see a fall back image.
  • The auto-play videos expire after 30 days before reverting to the GIF as standard
  • Video in email isn’t easily supported for self-service clients - especially platforms like Mailchimp. If we’re managing the campaign for you, we’ve got your back though.

As we said above, we're reliant on the email clients supporting video in email. Currently Gmail is the biggest email client that doesn’t support video in email but it will be coming soon and we’re at the cutting edge and will roll it out as soon as they do.

It's on it's way!

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