Why Using Video In Email Marketing Is Now A Must

5 reasons why video in email marketing is now a must-have

Stop for a minute and think about how often you scroll through your phone each day.

Chances are, you’re doing it right now. And what happens when you scroll through your different social feeds? What makes you stop, pause and consume a particular piece of content?

We’re willing to make a wager that 9 out of 10 times it’s because something catches your eye. Sure, sometimes words do a great job of doing this. As does a striking image. But video? Video does it all time.

Look at the rise of TikTok or how YouTube has become so ingrained in popular culture. We can’t help ourselves, we love a good video and our social media channels tend to be our go to source for video content.

We wouldn’t, for example, immediately think of our inbox as the place to go for great video content.

But the winds of change are blowing and video content is starting to light up inboxes around the world.

This matters because video can be an email marketing game changer.

Thanks to advances in email tech, more and more email clients now support videos playing directly in the email. And, with video in email now being more widely supported, this year is a window of opportunity for businesses to become trail-blazers when it comes to using video content in their email marketing campaigns.

Here’s five reason why you need to seriously consider making video content part of your email marketing strategy:

1. It sends engagement through the roof

You can spend days crafting the perfect content for your email campaigns yet there’s no guarantee your subscribers will engage with it. It can be a spirit-crusher when engagement rates flatline.

While video content doesn’t guarantee engagement, according to HubSpot, adding videos to your email campaigns doubles click through rates and when the word ‘video’ is included in the subject line, open rates increase by 6%. What’s more, 64% of consumers are more likely to buy after seeing a video of a product.

If your engagement needs a timely boost, then video content could be your answer.

2. It helps you tell your story

Video is a great way to bring your stories to life. For example, if you’re launching a new product, a video can help tell the story behind it.

Outdoor clothing specialists, Patagonia, use video in their emails to help educate their customers about the sustainability work they undertake. Artisan coffee companies will use videos to tell the story of their growers. Tech companies will often use video in email to give customers tutorials on how to use their software. The list goes on.

In short, video content in email can help bring your stories to life and create a rich tapestry of the stories your business wants to tell.

3. It can be the perfect welcome

Imagine signing up to an email list and instead of a generic ‘Thank you for subscribing’ email, you get a video welcome. According to Campaign Monitor, welcome email increases engagement by a massive 96% with a video. The same goes for ‘announcement’ emails too – whether it’s an event, a new product launch or special news you’re celebrating.

A welcome video is a sure-fire way to wow your subscribers and start building brilliant relationships with them from day one.

4. It builds excitement

We all get excited when we book a holiday or a stay at a hotel. Imagine getting a video in your booking confirmation email giving you a guided tour of the room you’ve booked or the place you’ll be staying in. It would build the anticipation, heighten the excitement and slap a smile across your face.

5. It helps nurture leads

In the world of B2B marketing, email campaigns that are meant to nurture leads can often be bereft of personality and incredibly generic. Including video content in nurture emails can help you stand out from the crowd and will be a point of difference over your competitors.

Don’t let your email marketing fall behind and make sure you consistently give your customers an experience that delight and inspire them.

Video in email is a great way of doing this. We can give advice, inspirations, and ideas on the best ways of using video in email and make your email marketing soar. You can get in touch with us here to find out more.

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