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Motability Operations

Driving email marketing performance

Motability Operations lease cars, Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles, scooters, and powered wheelchairs to over 640,000 customers across the UK. The organisation is highly customer focused and, with a trust score of 97, they take pride in building lasting relationships through effective communications.

When looking to accelerate its digital transformation, the brand lacked the internal email marketing resource and expertise. So, by appointing Jarrang as a partner, they could access market-leading support and strategy to develop their programme.

Results at-a-glance

  • Supported a national brand in implementing an effective strategy and maximising the value of Salesforce Marketing Cloud.
  • Maintained strong open rates between 50-60% whilst tripling total email volume.
  • Reduced issues with internal capacity and skillsets by acting as an expert partner that delivers expert, evolving support for all email marketing activity.
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The challenge

The marketing team at Motability Operations needed to evolve their communications strategy from offline to digital, with email being a crucial part of the journey. This transition to email marketing was not only driven by internal requirements (cost-efficiency, reliability and speed) but also by customer needs.

With limited internal capacity and skillset, the initial step for Motability Operations was to appoint an email marketing agency to help them lan and execute an email marketing strategy using Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Outsourcing their email marketing strategy and execution to an agency was essential as they needed to get up and running quickly. Motability Operations required an email marketing partner with the skillset and demonstrable evidence of delivering optimum experiences and results using Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

As part of the challenge the chosen agency partner would need to recognise and maintain the brand's excellent customer trust scores as well a ensure every email met accessibility requirements.

How Jarrang Helped

During the tender process, the team at Motability Operations quickly realised that Jarrang was the partner of choice for many reasons, and not just because our team is Salesforce Marketing Cloud Certified.

Firstly, it was important that Motability Operations felt confident that they were hiring a team of email marketing experts, With two full-service agencies also on the shortlist, it became apparent that toe deliver a high standard of strategy and execution, they required a specialist email marketing agency.

Secondly, Motability Operations needed to appoint an agency they felt could be an extension of their internal team. A partner, rather than a supplier.

"With Jarrang we felt there was a great cultural fit," Danielle affirms. "We needed to choose a team that we could trust, that had the same values, and that we could build a long relationship with over time."

Finally, customer lifecycle communications were at the heart of the brief. At Jarrang, we demonstrated their expertise and knowledge outside of transactional emails through numerous client case studies, which appealed to Motability Operations.

Jarrang is an email marketing agency for the long term. They evolve to support your business needs. Great value, great team, and great results, it's what sets them apart.

Danielle Torr - Head of Marketing, Motability Operations

The Results

Fast forward five years. Working together, we've taken their customer lifecycle email marketing strategy from strength to strength.

Highlights include:

  • Maintaining excellent open rates of 40-60 percent, even as email volume tripled in the same period. Jarrang's deliverability expertise and use of third-party solutions such as Validity have also ensure that they improve and maintain sender reputation, which has been key to success of their email programs
  • Despite data challenges, our customer success team connect the data dots and continues to deliver essential customer insights to drive further program optimisation
  • Accessibility first is a non-negotiable for Motability Operations. So, we have consistently delivered email deigns and templates that are fully accessible, no doubt adding to their outstanding results.

As Motability Operations continues to look to the future, the team forsees email marketing being even more significant in the communications mix.

"As the transition to electric cars takes place, we will not only need to educate our audiences but also support customers as they transition to electric - supporting them through the full lifecycle."
"Email marketing will play an essential role in the consideration, purchase, and post-purchase stages of the electric car purchase lifecycle. We'll continue to map out email campaigns that support customers at every stage."
"Jarrang is an email marketing agency for the long term," Danielle concludes. "They evolve support to your business needs. Great value, great team and great results, it's what sets them apart. We would recommend them to any business that is looking to outsource their email marketing strategy and execution."

Sound familiar?

Lots of marketing leads in large organisations struggle with finding the resource and expertise needed to scale email marketing campaigns to their full potential.

Jarrang can help. Speak to our team today to see how we can best support you.

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