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Jarrang & MailAway: All Under One Roof

June 29 - 2020

Team and Company News 5 min read

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The demand for sending email marketing campaigns that looked great, worked across all devices and delivered a big return on investment was soaring, but the options marketers had available to them were somewhat limited. Not everyone had the budget to employ a specialist email marketing agency (like Jarrang) to design, code and send their emails and cheaper, 'plug and play' solutions (like Mailchimp) were very much in their infancy and lacked the features people wanted and needed to create professional email marketing campaigns. That's why, 8 years ago, and seven years after Jarang started, we took the decision to launch MailAway, Jarrang's sister brand. MailAway offered a simple and reliable self-service solution for SMEs who wanted to send good looking  email marketing campaigns without necessarily needing the sophistication provided by a fully managed email marketing agency. And we're delighted to say both Jarrang and MailAway have flourished over the years. However, in 2018,  the email marketing industry has changed significantly in the line with the changing needs of the people who matter the most - our clients. As technology has advanced and email marketing software has developed, the points of difference between different email marketing platforms have shrunk. The features and functionality they boast are now all incredibly similar. Yes, certain platforms will still be better for certain things but, increasingly, being wedded to a couple of key email marketing platforms (as we used to be) has become an outdated model. In a rapidly changing landscape, the businesses who succeed are the ones who don't stand still. Recognising our clients want more flexibility and support across an array of platforms, we recently took the move to become platform agnostic - a unique step and one which has paid dividends in terms of client satisfaction and our ability to deliver a wide variety of services. We're now supporting clients using their preferred choice of email marketing platform, from Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor, through to multi-channels platforms like HubSpot. We've also seen an increasing overlap between Jarrang and MailAway which meant the differences between them, and rationale for having separate operations, were decreasing. In response to this we made the decision to bring all operations under the Jarrang brand - and as of 1st October 2018, they came together. MailAway customers now benefit from Jarrang's expertise, while Jarrang customers now have increased flexibility and options. It's a win win situation - and an exciting new chapter for Jarrang. Our mission is to help businesses send better email marketing campaigns, helping to fuel their growth by driving revenue and building stronger relationships with their customers. Bringing MailAway into the Jarrang fold is the next step in helping us achieve this.

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