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Performance Reporting, Analysis & Recommendations

Deeper insights mean better decisions

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Successful email campaigns don’t depend on chance. Get rid of the guesswork and harness the power of data to make informed decisions about your email marketing.

Reporting and analysis help you learn from the past to improve the future. Find success with future campaigns by fully maximising the effort and resource of every email you send. 

Jarrang’s email marketing performance services help you track, analyse and manage your programmes more effectively. We set benchmarks, analyse performance, design detailed reports and create recommendations that enable you to make evidence-driven decisions to smash your goals.

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"The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight”

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To generate the best possible results for future email campaigns, it’s not enough to simply track and report on performance – you need to analyse, interpret and take action.

Without a detailed performance reporting function, how can you ever dive deep enough into email results to understand user behaviours, spot opportunities, and establish smarter future campaigns?

The answer lies with Jarrang. We are an email marketing management agency that specialises solely in email – so we know how to create or improve your reporting systems to deliver the tangible insight needed to grow your campaigns.

Whether analysing open rates to determine the best sending times or identifying unique user personalisations to improve the conversion rate of your promotional emails, we help put the framework in place to gather the right data, report it more effectively and generate data-driven recommendations.

Gain a better understanding of your campaigns and fuel future growth with intelligent insight from Jarrang. Contact us to talk through what this might look like for you.

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Get clarity in your reporting

We build reports that address the most important issues to your business, making critical metrics clear and actionable. 

Analyse open rates

It’s not enough to know whether customers open emails or not – we help you delve into specifics such as time of day, gaps between email opens and clicks, open-to-purchase timing and more. 

Establish more effective performance metrics

We support you to set more effective KPIs that drive results in every aspect of email marketing. 

Gain context

Campaigns no longer meeting targets? Open and click-through-rates don’t tell the full story. Find out which behaviours or technical challenges limit your emails with detailed reporting, and experienced insight.

Maturity model development

Build email maturity models around your defined user types, allowing you to adapt content to specific needs and behaviours. 

Identify new opportunities

Through analysis, you can discover opportunities you might have missed, such as how to re-engage lapsed customers, or how to cross-sell to engaged users.

Get context over your campaigns

With better reporting and analysis in place, you can derive useful insights and plan actions that lead to tangible improvements. Jarrang can help you whether or not you already have a reporting system in place at the moment..

Speak to our team today to learn more about performance analysis, benchmarking and reporting. 

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