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Audience Management 
Email Audience Segmentation, Management, Automation & Integrations

Achieve more from your audience

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There’s a big difference between having an email database and harnessing one. Email marketing teams that dig deeper into the personalities, needs and behaviours of their recipients to create effective, segmented targeting are far more likely to attract high open rates and conversions.

If you’ve got an active database, but you’re not getting the performance you need, Jarrang’s audience segmentation and database management services will help you maximise the value of your existing lists and establish a better system for future growth. 

Accelerate your audience management
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"You have to start with your customer— not with your product, or your service, or what you think is right— and build everything around that.”

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Talking to your customers is easy, but getting them to listen has never been so difficult.

Your audience is inundated with messages from all channels. Social media notifications, calls, SMS and emails are all in danger of becoming noise.

How can you stand out in a busy marketplace? It’s all about giving value. Every email you send should align with their interests or needs - spray and pray never pays.

Speak to the right people, at the right time, by segmenting your email audience. Take user  behaviours, demographics and needs and create unique segmentations that allow you to better target users with content they care about.

What does that mean for you? Improved open rates, more click throughs, better conversions and fewer unsubscribes – all simply from better utilising your existing database.

With Jarrang as your partner, make sure every email you send speaks directly to the reader. Get in touch today and we can talk through your options.

Audience management at-a-glance

Categorise your users

Everyone is different – so why treat the email list exactly the same for every campaign? We help categorise users based on needs, behaviours, demographics or any other relevant measure to ensure you get the best out of the email channel.

Get personal

Use intelligent automation to personalise emails and make audiences feel seen.

Enjoy more control over your lists

Appending contacts with relevant data points makes managing a single database more efficient, and easier to manage as it grows.

Send less, get more

By creating targeted campaigns, you can reduce your overall send volume and, ultimately, reduce costs and environmental impact. Segmentation is a sustainable way of making sure every email counts.

Send emails that drive ROI

Better email segmentation allows you to send more effective promotions to users who have already proven to be receptive.

Reduce friction and complaints

Effective audience management reduces frustration amongst audiences by sending highly targeted campaigns. Building smarter lists means fewer risks to your reputation.

Do more with your database

Looking to achieve a better ROI? Talk to Jarrang about our audience email management and segmentation services. We’ll help you get better results from your existing audiences and create stronger foundations for future growth too. 

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