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Fixing legacy email marketing issues and constructing new approaches for international tool manufacturer

MILWAUKEE®, part of the TTI Group, is an industry-leading manufacturer of heavy-duty power tools and equipment for professional users worldwide. After adopting Salesforce Marketing Cloud, MILWAUKEE®’s digital team faced pressure to quickly adapt to this new technology whilst maintaining email campaign activity. 

MILWAUKEE® chose Jarrang as its email marketing agency partner to help solve these problems and bring new ideas to their team. Together, we have helped the team fully embrace their new email marketing platform and begin exploring new innovations that will drive lasting ROI. 

Results at-a-glance

  • Solved training and support requirements driven by Salesforce Marketing Cloud adoption. Delivered bespoke training sessions to key teams and established direct communication channels to facilitate support as required. 
  • Solved technical challenges associated with historic email marketing activity. Our developers helped fix existing issues and bugs to allow for forward growth. 
  • Expanded content capabilities to allow for interactive modules, image carousels, parallax emails and other cutting-edge campaigns. 

“Jarrang has introduced us to aspects of email marketing we’d never considered. They provide crucial insight into campaigns, showing us what worked, what didn’t and what to do in the future. As we continue to drive improvements, we look forward to continuing with Jarrang as we mature our email marketing campaigns and explore exciting concepts like automation.”

- Abbie Bieny, Digital Communications Manager at TTI (MILWAUKEE®)


How Jarrang Helped

We might be experts in email marketing, but we’re also real people with a passion for what we do. We value partnerships and honesty, which was a critical factor for MILWAUKEE®’s team when deciding which agency they worked with. 

“We work with lots of agencies, so we quickly get a feel for if we’ll get on with people. Jarrang felt right immediately, balancing being friendly with clear expertise and a personal touch.”  

Our initial focus was on helping MILWAUKEE® grow more comfortable with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, which meant delivering bespoke training to the teams that needed it most. We delivered dynamic training sessions to EMEA digital heads, which were then distributed to the wider team. 

In terms of technical support for a new platform, training is only one piece of the puzzle. Our support is ongoing, so we made sure to establish a Slack channel between Jarrang and MILWAUKEE®, allowing their team access to direct support whenever they needed it. 

“The biggest benefit for me is the day-to-day communication. Sometimes, I can get answers hour by hour or even minute by minute. Jarrang gives me the confidence to hand off tasks and feel like they’re being taken care of. When our team is away from the office at a conference, we don't need to worry about email marketing—we just message Jarrang and have them take care of it.” 

After addressing the initial challenges posed by adopting Salesforce Marketing Cloud, we were able to look into historic email marketing campaign activity and begin building a new strategy around critical fixes and innovative new ideas that would give MILWAUKEE® more flexibility over content formats and audience engagement. Using their existing metrics, we helped redefine how they measured data and reported on results – which meant future activity could be better planned based on the numbers that deliver for the business.

“Jarrang helped us better understand which metrics were important and aligned with our goals. We’ve used this insight to change our approach, making emails more trade-focused, where each product is relevant to the trade in question. From that, we’re seeing improvements in those important metrics like open rates, clicks and conversions.”

The Results

Our partnership with MILWAUKEE® is only just beginning. Now that we have resolved technical issues and helped the team grow more familiar with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, we are now pursuing new and exciting campaign concepts and audience segmentation to drive growth.

This work is already paying off, with MILWAUKEE®’s email strategy now focusing on specific trades and specialisms rather than sending generic content to its entire database. By improving its ability to identify and target subsets of its audience with content they care about, Jarrang has given MILWAUKEE® a foundation to develop a far more successful email marketing approach. 

As they continue to mature their email activity, the MILWAUKEE® and Jarrang teams will develop the partnership so they’ll have continual access to support and strategy, as well as expert resources to carry out much of the day-to-day tasks associated with campaign management. 

Get in touch

“I’m looking forward to continuing working with Jarrang in the future as we fully transition to Salesforce Marketing Cloud and mature our campaigns. With Jarrang’s support, we can now focus on new developments like audience segmentation, reactivating lapsed users and sending more automated campaigns.”

Overcome your email campaign challenges

Large businesses often struggle to adapt to new technology, relying on historic processes managed by teams that don’t have the time or resources to explore new concepts. Jarrang can provide you with the support needed to skill up your team and provide instant expertise to develop your campaign strategy and start delivering more profitable results.

Let's talk about your business’s email marketing challenges today.

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