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Empowering a marketing team with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

RYOBI, part of the TTI group, is a leading DIY power tool brand selling across multiple channels, including directly from its own website. As a multinational brand, the in-house team has significant responsibilities across all aspects of marketing – including a high volume of email campaigns. 

When the business adopted Salesforce Marketing Cloud, the marketing team recognised it needed additional support in both understanding the platform and in utilising it to its maximum potential. After shortlisting requirements and conducting face-to-face interviews with selected agencies, Ryobi chose Jarrang. 

As an email marketing agency with over 20 years of experience, we are well aware of the frustrations associated with adapting to new tools and systems. Our partnership with RYOBI has helped to alleviate immediate pressure from the in-house team and facilitate new ways of working to help evolve their campaigns. 

Results at-a-glance

  • Helped the head office marketing team integrate Salesforce Marketing Cloud via structured training sessions delivered to the UK and European offices. These sessions were then documented and distributed to become official training materials. 
  • Created a direct communications channel to help Ryobi quickly query campaign progress, test ideas and resolve problems. 
  • Managed the majority of tasks associated with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, which alleviated resource and reporting pressure on the digital team and allowed us to guide future campaign strategy. 

“95% of all Salesforce work goes through Jarrang. They have refined our reporting and are able to continually offer advice and knowledge that helps determine next steps. When RYOBI tells Jarrang what we want to do, they help us understand what we can do and how we can achieve it.”

- Isabella Worrell, Digital Content Manager at TTI (RYOBI)


The challenge

When RYOBI chose Salesforce Marketing Cloud as its preferred sending platform, it aimed to bring all marketing teams across the EMEA region together under a centralised system. As part of this, the digital team was expected to rapidly learn how to use Salesforce Marketing Cloud to create and send its email campaigns – which meant the team faced considerable pressure on capacity and expertise. 

After conducting online research and drawing up a shortlist of email marketing agencies, RYOBI interviewed potential partners to determine the right fit. Because their digital team already worked with a network of other agencies on different parts of the business, any email agency they selected would need to be able to integrate with other agencies and seamlessly fit into that collaborative culture.

How Jarrang Helped

The immediate issues facing RYOBI were clear: the team needed support with the day-to-day management of email campaigns whilst also being trained on how to best utilise Salesforce Marketing Cloud as part of the wider technology stack. 

RYOBI’s digital team also needed a flexible partner, as the business's demands could change at any time based on market conditions. 

“Onboarding with Jarrang was very smooth - they were flexible and helped wherever they could.” 

Communication is key for a business like RYOBI, where teams work across various departments and locations. We adopted their chosen communication channels and integrated with them, allowing RYOBI’s employees to reach out to Jarrang whenever they needed to get their questions answered or problems solved.

As the partnership began, there was a lot of ground to cover, with Jarrang taking on the team’s email marketing management commitments and delivering training to key personnel. Quickly, we became the go-to resource for all tasks related to Salesforce Marketing Cloud.  

Training has been an ongoing process that has involved various calls and group meetings, with sessions involving over ten different cultures and languages. 

Recognising that English is a second language for many of our attendees, we made sure that every session ended with a Q&A, so people had the chance to ask questions or get clarification in a safe and welcoming environment. 

Following the training, we provided RYOBI with transcripts that they have incorporated into training packs for each region.

With over 500,000 subscribers and big expectations of Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s ability to facilitate more effective campaigns, RYOBI’s stakeholders are continually tasking the digital team with new challenges. Jarrang is now a trusted partner, able to help them break down those challenges and find solutions that fit the wider business’s goals and budgets. 

“Jarrang took a lot of weight off my shoulders. As a team we were not experienced with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, but we were still expected to answer questions from multiple internal teams. Jarrang provides fully thought-out answers, and we feel we can reach out whenever we need to.”

The Results

Our work with RYOBI is only just beginning. Now that we’ve helped guide the internal team through the adoption of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, we can begin testing and implementing advanced techniques to improve email campaign success. 

“Until now, I feel we have only scraped the surface of what Marketing Cloud can offer. There’s lots of potential to explore, such as dynamic templates, automated journeys, and advanced segmentation. We are finally getting to the point where the ‘business as usual’ is moving on, and Jarrang is well positioned to help us grow.” 

Though we are excitedly looking forward to the future and the potential for great things from RYOBI’s email campaigns, we are proud of how our partnership solved an immediate problem and helped alleviate the pressures faced by the digital team. 

Get in touch

“The biggest benefit for us is Jarrang’s patience. RYOBI’s goals can change frequently, which impacts marketing activities. Jarrang is flexible and helps us manage stakeholder expectations as well as justify new ideas. Jarrang is now our primary email marketing agency and I look forward to our relationship growing into the future.”

Need help with a new email system?

If your business recently invested in an email marketing platform system, you may be struggling to adapt to it or failing to get the results your stakeholders demand. Our team has extensive experience with all major email marketing platforms and can step in at short notice to help your team get up to speed with new technology and leverage it better for future success. 

Get in touch to talk about your challenges. 

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