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Email Marketing Strategy
Strategic Review, Audit, Campaign & Activity Planning

Email marketing strategies that set you up for success

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Before you can achieve your goals, you need to ask yourself: what does success look like?

From here, we can work backwards to create an email marketing strategy that works for you.

For example, for a business that’s new to email marketing, your goal may be to grow your database and reach audiences who will become fans of your brand. In this case, your strategy may look different to those with established lists that are hoping to improve deliverability and boost clickthroughs. Whatever your objectives, let Jarrang be your partner that makes it happen.

By working with Jarrang to develop your email marketing strategy, you’ll get a partner with over two decades of experience building and, most importantly, delivering strategies that get results.

Don’t just send email campaigns to tick a box. Break that box wide open with Jarrang’s email marketing expertise. Invest in your email marketing today, and boost your performance tomorrow. 

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"When the why is clear, the how is easy"

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Email marketing needs constant attention, which isn’t always easy to do when you are spinning lots of plates at once. Without a defined, iterative strategy that has taken the users and their needs into account, you risk not getting the results you want.

Make sure every email you send works towards your marketing goals. Speak to Jarrang about email strategy and build a framework for success.

We can learn a lot from what you already have. Our strategic review involves auditing existing email programmes  to determine success factors, then building a new plan that aligns with your commercial goals.

It’s not enough to have a strategy in place – it has to be implemented, managed and improved upon as your email programme and business grows. 

Strategy at a glance

No guesswork involved

From audience surveys to competitor analysis, we use tangible data to feed our strategic recommendations. 

Achieve more with less

Building and delivering always-on campaigns that consistently deliver, so you can focus on those big events in your marketing calendar. 

Streamline and segment

Get more from your existing database and build new lists in a more focused way with engagement segmentation, volume and management. 

Straight-talking Strategy

If you’re reading this page, you’re probably wondering if your strategy is as strong as it could be, or whether it’s being actioned correctly. Avoid wasting time micromanaging your team or combing through marketing guides – work with us to leverage our unique expertise to implement a more successful strategy that improves email performance.

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Design, build and deploy emails that delight your audience

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Audience Management:
Achieve more from your audience

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Deeper insights mean better decisions


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