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Team: A whole Lott to give...

June 29 - 2020

Team and Company News 5 min read

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We're growing quickly here at Jarrang. As the range of services we offer develop and increase we need to make sure we have the right people in place to deliver a first-class service to our range of clients.

We expect a lot from our staff and are lucky to have a fantastic team in place who bring their energy, enthusiasm and expertise to help drive us forwards.

The start of September saw us welcome Nicky Lott to the team as our new Campaign Coordinator. Nicky brings with her two years of experience running all the marketing for a company in the leisure and tourism industry based in Cornwall and a desire to bring her skills to the fore in an agency setting.

Below you'll find an introduction from Nicky and how she's find her first couple of weeks at Jarrang...

It's the first Monday morning in September, the sun is shining and by all appearances it's just a normal day.

But little does everyone know as they scuttle about their usual routines, today is not just another Monday. Today is my first day at Jarrang, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous.

I'm wondering how I'm going to handle the transition from working as a marketing manager to working in an agency as I walk through the car park at Jarrang HQ. I'm well aware that I about to embark upon a steep learning curve. My nervousness dissipates however when I open the front door and am greeted by a chocolate brown ball of fur. Henry, the office dog, has clearly remembered me from my interview a few weeks ago, and I think this is his way of apologising for drooling on me just before I shook hands with my interviewers.

Luckily my new colleagues are just as friendly as Henry. I soon feel settled and focus once more on how I'm going to make the transition from manager to agency. Having worked as marketing manager for a company selling and letting holiday homes across Cornwall for the last two years, I feel my experience is immediately broad and specialised at the same time. My previous work has given me knowledge of search marketing, content creation, social media, email marketing and project management, but all within the leisure and tourism industry.

How am I going to make the jump from having one client, to having multiple clients? Am I going to miss the freedom I had working as my own manager? More importantly how am I going to become an expert across different industries overnight? My new responsibilities and need to develop new skills is daunting, especially when coupled with the fact that thousands of people will be reading the campaigns I send.

Fortunately, I'm surrounded by a team of experts who are more than happy to help and it doesn't take long before I start to understand the art of email marketing across several different industries. My experience of email marketing within the leisure and tourism industry has not gone to waste; I already know the importance of a good subject line, a strong 'call to action' and how to make sure your design fits in with your brand and its needs.

Meanwhile, I'm learning lots every day and I'm loving being part of a fun and friendly team. I also recognise that I've got a list of skills that will benefit the team in the future. Training and experience has taught me that there are many different aspects to digital marketing and it's definitely worth investing in a professional to help you get it right.

As my first couple of weeks draw to a close I realise that I really didn't have anything to worry about on that first Monday morning. I'm working with a great list of clients, alongside a great bunch of people.

Who knew digital marketing could be this much fun?

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