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Top email deliverability tools to improve results

August 04 - 2023

Email Marketing Strategy 5 min read

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Email deliverability is one of the most crucial elements of email marketing.

After all, if your emails aren’t landing in the inbox, all of the hard work that has gone into list
building, copy creation, template design, and strategy will go to waste.

By boasting a high deliverability rate, businesses can ensure that their email communications
aren’t lost in spam folders; boosting their engagement, brand awareness, and response rates.
And of course, ensuring a positive sender reputation in the process.

But ensuring healthy email deliverability can be a complex process. Involving managing sender
reputation, adhering to best practices, and minimising bounce rates.

At Jarrang, we’re experts in email deliverability. So to offer our help and support, here is a list of
our top email deliverability tools to help you improve your results.

Monitoring IP addresses

Verifying and cleaning lists

Email creation and development

Testing and tracking

Spam testing

Critical and transactional emails

Monitoring IP addresses

One of the main reputation indicators used by mailbox providers is a sender's IP address. So, it
is integral that businesses monitor the ongoing reputation of theirs to identify any potential
issues with their deliverability.


Operated by the well-respected Return Path, is a free tool which rates your IP address reputation based on a variety of factors. These include spam complaints, email bounces, and spam traps.

The Sender Score offered by the tool acts as a ‘credit score’ to identify your credit worthiness, but for email. Each Sender Score is provided as a number between 0 and 100, and identifies the quality of your sender reputation. Alongside providing details on how mailbox providers view your IP address.

Verifying and cleaning lists

A core element of healthy email deliverability is a healthy email list. 

Because if you are regularly sending to lists of low-quality, disengaged, or fake emails, this will quickly have a detrimental impact on your sender reputation and deliverability.


Everest is an email deliverability platform by Validity, and offers a particularly robust list validation tool.

With Everest, users can verify email lists to ensure they aren’t inaccurate, fake, dead, or potentially dangerous before they are mailed to. Allowing them to influence their sender reputation, and get their emails into more inboxes.

Email creation and development

There’s more to deliverability than sending to a healthy email list. The creation and development stage of sending email is where some of the magic happens. 

It’s where the copy, design, and subject lines are drafted with deliverability best practice in mind. 

But of course, testing these post-send can be a little scary. Luckily email deliverability tools can help.


Mailtrap is an email delivery platform that offers the ability to thoroughly test the deliverability of emails, before they are sent.

The tool achieves this by offering a sandbox environment for the development stage to inspect and debug emails in staging, dev, and QA environments.

Users can preview each email in their Mailtrap inbox, so that they never send test emails to the users by mistake. They can run automated tests to cover a range of scenarios, and validate each email. And see how popular email clients will treat and render their emails, on web, mobile, and desktop.

Testing and tracking

Ongoing analysis of email performance is key to determining whether or not your deliverability is healthy. 

Deliverability health is fluid, and can change based on a variety of factors. So ensuring you are regularly testing and tracking your emails for deliverability is essential.


Litmus offers an all-in-one marketing platform, but are particularly well known for their email testing and tracking capabilities.

The system boasts cutting email testing and QA down by an impressive 50% through its range of functionality.

This includes the ability to instantly preview your email campaigns in popular email clients, automated and comprehensive QA tests, and thorough spam testing.
Litmus is a widely used platform, and therefore offers a wide range of integrations. Allowing users to review campaigns alongside their ESP or code editor with their Litmus Chrome Extension.

Spam testing

The word “spam” strikes fear in many email marketers. Because once their emails are regularly landing in the spam folder, it’s difficult to get them out. 

Fortunately, ongoing spam testing can keep on top of this challenge, identifying issues early so they can be rectified.


GlockApps is a comprehensive email deliverability tool, with impressive spam testing functionality. In fact, its spam checker tools offer 3 spam tests, completely free.

GlockApps spam testing allows businesses to identify where their emails are being delivered within Gmail, Outlook, and all major ISPs. As well as gaining insights and action steps to improve their deliverability.

And even better, it integrates with all email service providers and email marketing tools.

GlockApps also offers a wider range of deliverability tools, such as blacklist monitoring, a DMARC Analyser, and uptime/downtime monitoring.

Critical and transactional emails

Emails come in many shapes and forms: welcome, promotion, re-engagement, to name a few. But there are certain emails which are particularly critical, such as transactional emails or password resets. 

For businesses that rely on these types of emails, they will benefit from ensuring particularly healthy deliverability for these communications.


Postmark is an email delivery service from ActiveCampaign, and is ideal for businesses that prioritise critical and transactional emails.

The service revolves around ensuring that you never lose a single email, as well as your critical emails arriving quickly so that recipients aren’t left waiting. So, you can trust your most important communications won’t get lost.

The tool also keeps 45 days of full content history, recipient information, and message events to ensure that businesses can quickly get to the bottom of any deliverability issues that arise.

Next steps

These are just 5 of the many excellent tools available to email marketers to support their deliverability efforts.

Our advice would always be to take your time finding the best tool to fit your specific business needs. And, if you need help with this, we’re here.

Why not book a call with our friendly team of email marketing experts to learn more?

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