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Email Marketing, Brand Values & the Travel Sector

June 29 - 2020

Email Marketing Strategy 5 min read

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This makes it more important than ever to ensure that your email is set to impress on first glance whenever and wherever your subscriber opens it.We've all received emails at one time or another which may seem ugly and irrelevant to the company which we signed up to hear from in the first place. So what went wrong and what can we do to ensure we maintain brand continuity throughout our marketing efforts?

80% of the world's emails are classified as SPAM , whilst 1.9 billion 'real' emails are sent everyday (The Radicati Group)

A brand is not simply a logo or colour scheme but should encompass the whole package; including your company values, ethos, look and feel. Think of your online marketing efforts as an extension to your hotel or resort - it should present the same customer relationship and overall standards to which your guests have come to expect from you. So what you should you be considering when creating your campaigns?

Be consistent

Visually your emails should match that of your website, providing consistency and allowing subscribers, (who should already have had some interaction with your company) to recognise and become familiar with your brand, making your emails easily recognisable when first opened.

Unite your marketing channels

As the digital marketing world continues to grow, we are all finding ourselves with an ever increasing amount of marketing channels to maintain. However unless these channels are working together, with the same coherent messages, tone of voice, stance and view points, your customers will become confused and distanced from your brand. This will, in turn, effect the number of bookings and enquiries made as a result of your marketing efforts.

Don't be a stranger

Communicating with your subscribers on a regular basis will encourage stronger customer relations, increasing loyal subscribers and greater bookings and secondary spend when broadcasting the right messages.


The travel sector continues to be a hyper competitive market, therefore the importance of maintaining a clear marketing approach across all your efforts, both online and offline, is clear. By creating a strong brand you will find you increase your subscribers and could develop a sustainable competitive advantage within the travel market.

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