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Jarrang Sessions Ep. 4: Sean Duffy and Robert Moran

May 11 - 2021

Email Marketing Podcast 5 min read

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The month of May sees our focus divert to hyperpersonalisation as the Jarrang Sessions returns for Episode 4. We know that tailored and relevant content is incredibly important in engaging your subscribers and hyperpersonalisation has a sizeable role to play in this.

This month's guests:

Sean Duffy - The owner of Segmentum and Reignite, Sean is vastly experienced when it comes to email marketing. Through Reignite, Sean has been able to harness the potential of hyperpersonalisation, ensuring that subscribers are receiving content that speaks to them as individuals

Rob Moran - One of Jarrang's Email Designer and Developers, Rob offers a highly useful perspective to the hyperpersonlisation debate, providing insight on how hyperpersonalisation can work alongside excellent design to produce a perfect email campaign.

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