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Trust us: trust matters in email marketing

June 29 - 2020

Business Insight 5 min read

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In order to do this well, we have to make it our business to understand theirs - to put ourselves in their customers' shoes to help us create email marketing campaigns we know are going to deliver results. One of our key values that enables us to do this is trust. Our customers trust us with their brand, their business and their data - and we earn their trust with our skills, integrity and professionalism.

So how does this trust work and why does it matter?

Our Operations Manager, Jay Wicks, explains...

"I used to take trust for granted. That changed when I started working for Jarrang. After a couple of months working here, it dawned on me very quickly that, because there's such a strong culture of trust in place, I had to earn people's trust and work a lot harder to show them I'm on their side and want them to get the best results from their emails. Once I bought into this vision it made it much easier to form closer and more productive working relationships.

"It worked. Three years down the line and the bonds of trust I have with the clients I've worked with are strong - something that's replicated in our Client Success Managers, Gareth and Liselotte, who forge similar bonds with the clients they work with.

"One of the things we take time to do here is to really build rapport... and there's a good reason behind it. We want to understand what our clients are trying to achieve. In doing this, and in understanding why they're trying to achieve it, we're able to break down barriers so we can have open conversations where our clients feel comfortable and secure enough to share everything with it - whether that's their problems or their successes.

"By building this relationship we then become an extension and a trusted part of their internal marketing team. Because our clients trust us, we're in a much better position to help them. They don't think twice about coming to us for advice and they place great value in the input they receive from us - whether that's on the best subject lines to use or the best times to send an email. And this is why the relationships work so well; we understand their needs and they value our experience and expertise.

"Trust in relationships is built on open communication, being honest with each other and true to yourselves, and by being willing to help wherever possible. At Jarrang, this is a team effort and something we all buy into.

"We had to deal with GDPR this year and, not only were clients trusting us with their data, they were trusting us to give them the best possible guidance and help them navigate the confusing and choppy waters of the changing legislation. A key success for us was making sure our clients got the most from their data by working closely with legal professionals to get an educated, informed opinion.

"Email marketing also lends itself particularly well to building trust. Because it's so tangible, we can easily show many of our clients the campaign statistics or ROI from the campaigns they're sending.

"From our perspective, trust is never something that's finished. It requires constant work and diligence in order to grow it and keep it secure. But we see, day in and day out, the benefits of putting this work in...and we know our clients do too."

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