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How email marketing is still relevant

September 05 - 2022

Digital Insight 5 min read

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When I started my first day of work experience at Jarrang, my initial thought was ‘Why use email marketing when you can use social media?’ In fact, I had no clue how it was even relevant let alone effective and I think in a world where social media has taken precedence over other forms of digital marketing, email marketing is swept slightly under the rug.

However, by mid-morning, I had what I would like to call a lightbulb moment, a moment where it all clicked, a moment where I realised the importance email marketing has had and still has in an industry so dominated by large social media platforms. 


Email marketing has many advantages that can improve anything from client- seller relationships to your ROI. Personalisation specifically, is an aspect of email that social media, to a certain extent, lacks. 

Email marketing can use first party data in combination with data trackers and analytics to adapt to what your customers have previously shown interest in. This creates a personal aspect to ensure your email recipient is satisfied with the content they are sent.

Email is also one of the only marketing channels that people opt-in to receive, this allows for a much higher conversion rate than other forms of digital marketing as the target audience have already shown previous interest your brand.

This is not the case with social media as cookie tracking is not always accurate. In comparison to first party data, which is given by the person the information applies, cookies are like a game of Chinese whispers, where it is not always accurate and a lot of presumptions are made.

Global audiences

Due to its reach, email marketing is extremely effective. Emails can be sent at any time of day, from anywhere in the world, directly to numerous devices at a time. All you need to do is press send.  

The global range allows your company to reach all audiences, not permitting geography to set the boundaries when it comes to making money.

Whilst social media are based on global platforms, it is not as direct as email. This means that it is much more likely for your target audience to see your newest email marketing campaign than your latest post that might get lost in a news feed or maybe not even enter a feed!

Best of both worlds

Using social media however is still an extremely good platform for advertisement, whether it is drawing new customers in, or showing all the behind the scenes of your company, social media allows for clients to follow your business easily and view your company exactly how you want them to see it.

So whilst social media and email marketing are quite different competitors, using both platforms could potentially ensure a successful new marketing campaign in terms of driving sales, gaining new clients and retaining the ones that are already loyal.

What I’ve learned

Over the course of this week, I soon realised that the question is not even ‘Why use email marketing when you can use social media?’ but ‘How can I use email marketing and social media together to achieve the best results?’.

Being able to utilise numerous forms of digital marketing can provide ample results in terms of overall reach and, as a result, an overall increase of productivity in your business.

Issy Edwards
Truro High School For Girls

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