Email Marketing Design & Development


Send email campaigns that stand out from the crowd and help your brand shine.

Go beyond a ‘one size fits all’ template and start sending email campaigns that exude quality craftsmanship and your customers will love.

We do things with email marketing others can’t. We push boundaries, give you continuity across all your marketing channels, and build bespoke emails crafted specifically to your needs and requirements.

We help you with…

  • Standing out from the crowd(ed inbox!)

  • Responsive designs that look great across multiple devices

  • Increased engagement and conversions

  • Accessibility

  • Incorporating animated images, video and interactivity

  • Embracing new technologies and trends

Accessibility as standard

At Jarrang we’re passionate about accessibility. In fact, all the templates built by our creative team are accessible as standard. If you’d like to discover whether your emails will pass accessibility best practices or would like to learn more about our accessible templates, get in touch today.

We take your brand materials and resources to create a bespoke suite of email designs that optimise your engagement and conversions to keep you ahead of the field.

Take your email marketing design to the next level and let us show you what’s possible.


How can I make my email marketing design stand out from the crowd?

Templates are great but they offer a ‘one size fits all’ approach which, if you’re a brand that wants to stand out from the crowd, can be limiting. Tried and tested designs can be effective but if you really want to stand out then you have to push boundaries and give your subscribers something they haven’t seen before. You have a limited time to grab – and hold – their attention. Bespoke design that is aligned with your brand and your other marketing channels is a great way to do this.

Should I outsource my email marketing design?

Great design can take years to perfect and it’s changing all the time. Keeping on top of it is tough. That’s why it pays to bring in the experts. At Jarrang, we’ve been designing emails since 2003 and we can do things others can’t. We push boundaries, give you continuity across all your marketing channels, and build bespoke emails crafted specifically for your brand.

Does having a well designed email marketing campaign really matter?

We all know that badly designed email campaigns that aren’t ‘on brand’ can significantly erode credibility and trust in your brand. If they aren’t consistent with the aesthetic of your website and social platforms then they can undermine what you’re trying to achieve. Remember, when people open your email campaigns it’s a one-on-one experience between you and them – whether your campaign is going to 10,000 or 1,000,000 subscribers. So give them the kind of positive experience they’ll remember.

Why should I care about accessibility?

22% of the UK population had a disability in 2021. That’s 22% of the population that may not have the best experience with your emails if they are not accessible. Accessible email marketing will create great experiences for all, which leads to increased customer lifetime value and revenue.