Email Marketing Reporting & Analysis


Get a 360 view of how your email marketing is performing with our best-in-class reporting and analysis.

Through our robust email marketing reporting, we provide you with statistics, infographics, and support to demonstrate how your email marketing is performing. We provide in-depth and actionable insight, test ideas and optimisation suggestions to ensure email performance is improved over time.

We help you with…

  • Seeing how your campaigns perform against your targets

  • Benchmarking to see how you compare to industry averages

  • Insight into engagement and conversions

  • Recommendations on how to improve future campaigns

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What makes your email marketing reporting different?

We help you find the ‘so what?’ form your email marketing results. We won’t just tell you what happened, but use this insight together with our industry expertise to provide the story behind the data. Our clients rely on us to advise and inform future planning from past learning.

We use Google Analytics alongside the email marketing software to provide comprehensive reporting, which includes a range of different data (from open rates through to device usage and conversions) to help you make better, more informed decisions when it comes to your future email marketing. We then use our expertise to act on our analysis, make recommendations and provide commentary on how to improve future campaigns, spot trends, and tailor your approach.

What is benchmarking in email marketing?

Benchmarking is there to provide guidance as to what is an industry-accepted standard and give an indication as to where your company stands in comparison. There’s no denying benchmark figures need to be approached with a degree of caution, but when used appropriately, they can highlight where you rank in terms of industry competitors. This information can then help you to generate ideas as to what you need to do to catch up, or in an ideal scenario, work out what you are doing right and how to stay ahead.

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Which email marketing metrics are most important to measure?

For years the industry has been hung up on open rates. Open rates can serve a purpose – they’re a useful indicator of a number of things, especially how strong a subject line is – but they aren’t the be all and end all – especially now they are unreliable after the iOS15 update. Like list size, open rates are a vanity metric. They’ll tell you information that might make you feel good when the numbers are high but this information doesn’t tell you anything about conversions or engagement – the metrics that really matter.