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Seasalt Cornwall

A lifeline for a busy marketing team

Seasalt Cornwall is a national clothing retailer with over 70 physical stores and a flourishing ecommerce platform. For the in-house team, email campaigns play a key role in marketing activity – which led to ongoing pressures around output. 

After downsizing their team, the pressure of creating, testing, sending and reviewing emails became too much of a drain on internal resources. The team needed an experienced partner who could step in and begin managing email campaigns without a lengthy onboarding process. Naturally, they turned to Jarrang. 

We got to work quickly, supporting Seasalt’s team with their existing campaigns and advising on future strategic improvements. Keep reading to see how this ecommerce partnership has excelled. 

Results at-a-glance

  • Acted as a crucial pillar of support for a busy marketing team after staff changes.
  • Became a trusted source of information, drastically shortened turnaround times and handled the day-to-day management of campaigns.
  • Improved audience segmentation to refine results. We reduced the overall number of emails sent whilst protecting revenue and ROI. 
  • Drove significant YoY increases to email results across the same peak festive period (2022 vs 2023) - improving open rates by 12.8% and CTR by 27.9%. This helped facilitate an email-specific revenue increase of 43.30%
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The challenge

As a retailer operating a thriving ecommerce platform, email campaigns and automated journeys are crucial to Seasalt’s marketing strategy. The digital team needed to produce at least four outbound campaigns each week, in addition to maintaining and refining a range of automations. 

These responsibilities came with a heavy burden on resources. In an effort to maintain output without hamstringing other marketing activities, Seasalt recognised the need to appoint an agency partner. 

How Jarrang Helped

One of the Seasalt team's biggest challenges was balancing the ‘heavy lifting’ associated with email campaigns against a lack of internal resources. Recruiting a digital marketing assistant internally provided some much-needed support for the team, but there was still a need for expert help in managing the day-to-day of email campaign planning, design, development and sending. 

“Jarrang enabled us to get out of the weeds. When you’re in the trenches with emails, you can’t pull yourself out to test things or work on other initiatives” 

We knew that Seasalt couldn’t afford to waste time with long onboarding processes. Thanks to our deep expertise in all things email, we were able to integrate into Seasalt’s existing processes quickly and efficiently to commence within three weeks of the first enquiry. 

As a partner, we encouraged Seasalt to utilise our expertise whenever needed, asking questions or challenging us with briefs. Stephanie Baker, Digital Marketing Assistant at Seasalt, was impressed by how we drastically shortened turnaround times: 

“Originally, I felt like we were always running behind with emails. With Jarrang, turnaround times are always met in just 2 or 3 days. It’s incredible that they can jump on and take jobs with minimal briefing.”

Once we had the day-to-day email tasks under control, we could offer strategic insights and suggestions to help Seasalt’s email campaigns evolve. An initial focus was on the brand’s welcome journey, where we identified the potential for better segmentation and personalisation. Now a trusted partner with demonstrable efficiency in handling Seasalt’s campaigns, and the ability to provide valuable insight, we helped the marketing team to deliver on targets and drive changes at board level. 

Jarrang have quickly integrated into how Seasalt works. They’re not just an agency, but an extension of our team. Jarrang has honestly been immense and we’ve come to rely on their support.”

Jay Wicks - Senior Digital Marketer, Seasalt Cornwall

The Results

Jarrang was able to help alleviate the immediate email challenges faced by the Seasalt team. A sudden lack of capacity, coupled with ongoing demand for regular campaigns, meant they needed an agency that could immediately take the reins. Not only were we able to meet this challenge, but we also leveraged our expertise to deliver new insights into strategy, automations and personalisation. 

For Seasalt, whose pre-existing pressures left little room for experimentation or iteration, our support gave them the confidence and justification required to launch new concepts and win board approval for campaign refinements. As a partner, we provide direct support to the team for the technical, strategic and design elements of email campaigns. 

Jarrang are a voice of authority in terms of design and coding our emails. Before them, it was just us in the marketing team asking ourselves if something was possible - then we would then have to test, try and see. That meant committing resources we didn’t have. Now we can just ask Jarrang: is this possible?  The answer is almost always yes.”

In summary, we alleviated the stresses of a high-pressure situation for the Seasalt team and helped them better manage ongoing email campaign obligations. Our insight helped the in-house team win board approval for some much-needed changes, as well as explore new ideas. For example, Parallax emails are a relatively new concept that can be marred by display issues. When Seasalt wanted to test them for a Christmas campaign, our developers made it happen. 

It’s a vision realised. We definitely couldn’t have done that without Jarrang.

Our results are about more than numbers - it’s about the tangible benefits of having an email expert acting as your partner. In ecommerce, where some seasons are more profitable than others, it can be hard to attribute performance improvements to any particular channel. 

At Jarrang, however, we track email data closely and have compared Seasalt’s campaign results across the same peak sales periods when they worked without Jarrang in 2022 and then when we came on board in 2023. This has enabled us to show demonstrable, data-driven success metrics such as:

  • More customers opened their campaigns and viewed Seasalt’s content. We helped Seasalt drive open rates from 47.54% up to 53.62% – a total of 6.08%. 
  • Content became more engaging, with a focus on driving purchases. This led to more clickthroughs – growing from a CTR of 5.58% to 7.14%
  • Across the same period, total revenue attributed to email campaigns almost doubled - increasing by 43.30%    

Need help managing email marketing?

Enterprise organisations often place pressure on marketing teams to deliver at every level – even when you don’t have the time, skills or resources available. 

If you’re struggling to meet campaign targets, Jarrang can give you the breathing room you need to regain control over your email marketing activity and implement changes to create growth. 

If you’re in a situation like Seasalt where your team is struggling with capacity because you’re overburdened with email demand, we’re the solution you need. 

Don’t let resource issues hold back campaign success. Get in touch with Jarrang to see how we can help you. 

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