Email Marketing Automation


Maximise your ROI with email marketing automation

An effective, efficient and engaging email marketing automation programme will help you do more with less, build better relationships with your customers, and fuel your business growth.

Email marketing automation revolves around your ability to harness the power of data, then combine it with creativity and commerciality to deliver results. This is where the best automated email journeys come from. 

We can help you develop…

  • Welcome journeys

  • Pre & post event emails

  • Dynamic automation

  • Transactional emails

  • Post-transaction & review emails

Make your email marketing budget go further and work harder with email marketing automation.


What are the benefits of email marketing automation?

Email marketing automation is the silent sales-force. With evergreen, always on campaigns (which, once set up, always work in the background) it’s a highly efficient way to nurture your audience while leaving your team free to focus on more tactical sends. When they’re based on key segments, these sends are highly relevant with high engagement and conversion.

What’s needed to set up automated email marketing?

Data is everything – and you need the right data in place (as well as understanding the buyer journey) to make automated email marketing work. Without the right data there are no ‘triggers’ to send an automated email. Typically, this data is integrated into your email marketing platform through an API.

What does this look like? Take for instance a simple email wishing a customer happy birthday where you include a special promotion. In order for this email to be sent, you need to know the customer’s date of birth. It’s for this reason data collection forms (whether online or offline) and the ability for email marketing software to integrate with third party systems, are so important. Email marketing driven by data and customer behaviours stands a far greater chance of converting to a sale.

Is automated email marketing difficult?

Many businesses are only tentatively dipping their toes into the waters of email marketing automation and, as a result, missing out on the benefits they can gain from having an effective, efficient and engaging email marketing automation strategy and program in place.

The good news is it’s easier than ever before to set up automated email marketing campaigns – no matter what email marketing platform you use. Not only can this help your business grow, it can also help you give more to your customers and provide them with a better experience.  If time and resources are tight, we can happily work with you to get the first automations up and running.

Check out our free email marketing automation guide to find out more.